New Moon Diosa Box is here and we have some AMAZING tools for you to get your new year started off RIGHT! 

Money Magic Manifestation & Affirmation Cards - MSRP $19.00
Money Magic Manifestation & Affirmation Cards – MSRP $19.00

We are thrilled to have partnered up with Ethony, headmistress of The Tarot Readers Academy, to bring you her custom made Money Magic Manifestation cards! 

Ethony is a Reiki Practitioner, Aura-Soma Consultant, award winning Photographer, Artist, Eco Faerie, Gamer and all-round Goddess. She has been working and learning the world of Tarot for most of her life and has made a it her profession to work with clients and aid them in finding clarity, illumination and personal epiphanies. I invite you to check out her IG page, @ethony, which is phenomenal and peruse her website at http://ethony.com/ for a wealth of knowledge on tarot, oracle readings and many other free resources to help you connect with your higher self. 

“Magic is everywhere and our lives can be truly enchanted if we are open and awakened” – Ethony

If you have never used manifestation cards, it’s one of the easiest things you can implement into your daily life. It’s as easy as “pick a card, any card.” Literally.

  • Keep the deck in a place where you will see it often, maybe on your desk at work, your personal meditation altar, or on top of your dresser or night stand.
  • Clear you mind, take a deep breath and pick one card from the deck and read it out loud.
  • Then carry the card with you or keep it somewhere you will see it throughout the day.  Try keeping it in your wallet, on the fridge, or by your computer monitor. You want to make the card your daily mantra so that these words will become so familiar to you they eventually become real. 

2017 can be a time for clearing out your old thought patterns and negative self talk, be it about money or yourself. The numerology for 2017= 1 (2+0+1+7= 10; 1+0= 1) and 1 is the beginning, the start of everything. If you are not actively changing your self talk, you may have a thought process or inner dialogue that sounds something like, “I don’t have money!”, “there isn’t enough for that” or “I can’t afford that!”

Money comes and goes but your attitudes about money determines everything. There have been countless books written about the psychology of money and our relationship with it. A lot of money issues stem from us just not thinking we are worthy of it. For example, “money is the root of all evil”, or “people with money are greedy and selfish!” All of this is nonsense! People who are good and noble deserve money too, we all do. You deserve money and abundance in all shapes and sizes! We truly believe these cards will get you into thinking positively about your relationship with money and yourself.  

“It’s more important to grow your income than cut your expenses. It’s more important to grow your spirit that cut your dreams”

– Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Money Magic Manifestation & Affirmation Cards
There are 48 Money Magic Manifestation affirmation and statement cards in this deck. Deck dimensions are 4.5cm x 9cm – Perfect for your Altar, pocket or around the house. All decks are charged under the full moon with the intention of aiding money magic for their new owners.

With practice and a daily card your positivity will lead you to the path of spiritual and financial abundance. You will go from “I can’t afford that” to “how can I afford that?” and the latter puts you into action mode. There is a solution at the end of that question. The former is just a statement about what simply is and that’s pretty much the end of it. Make yourself a promise that you will believe in the solutions this year! Start by picking one card, any card. . .

dream weaver mist
Dream Weaver Mist – MSRP $12..00

We are so in love with this DREAM WEAVER MIST!  This is a hot item and we’re so happy the timing worked out for this box! This 2 oz. botanical magical mystical spray is made with mugwort, aka artemisia vulgaris.Artemisia – a word derived from Artemis, the goddess of the forest, the hunt and the moon. You know how much we love our Diosas!

Mugwort is known for it’s connection with dreams, helping you calm yourself to sleep and dream more vividly, SO in the spirit of our New Moon New Year theme, we invite you to set your intentions for the year and dream your dreams to the forefront of your consciousness and make them a reality. Mugwort has also been used to keep evil spirits at bay and to cleanse negative energy – Bye Felicia!

I have to say, the more I hung out with mugwort, the more I realized I needed to come into my own bad assness and follow my dreams- not other people’s expectations. – Fat and The Moon 

Ingredients & Benefits : 

The Dream Weaver Mist is a blend of a mugwort distillation made from wild mugwort, homemade lavender hydrosol, homemade California Poppy tincture and essential oils of clary sage and sage.

The lavender and sages help temper the vibes of the mugwort, calming us for sleep and allowing for a more gentle dreaming experience. California Poppy is added to curb nightmares.

Mist around your sleeping area before you hit the hay. Sweet Dreams in 2017!!

Masa Olive Oil Face Cleanser- MSRP $8.00
Masa Olive Oil Face Cleanser- MSRP $8.00

We also snagged up another favorite item from F&M called Masa & Olive Face Paste! This is like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and in the spirit of a new year full of awesome new things we felt it was only fitting.  This cleanser gently exfoliates while being super hydrating!  That’s because its key ingredients are organic masa, aka corn flour, known for it’s grainy texture, which acts as a gentle polisher and stimulator. These gentle scrubbers are delivered via organic olive oil that dilutes and dissolves the pre-existing oils on your skin allowing the pore clogging dirt and bacteria to surface and be cleaned away. You’ll never have soap-stripped dry skin after cleansing again! This scrub will work with all skin types.

Directions :

To use, take a small knife or toothpick to stir before use. These are all natural ingredients with no preservatives or thickening agents! Think of the way all natural peanut butter separates.  Stir to blend and get a nice balance of all the goodness this gem has to offer!  Once smooth, take about a half a’ teaspoon of the scrub and rub in between your fingertips, spread, and massage into your face. If you are in the shower, apply the scrub and leave on to let the steam open your pores. Then rinse off with water and towel pat your face dry when you’re done.

Your face will be SO silky smooth and hydrated you will need less moisturizer and that is great on your wallet, right? This is perfect for those of you who are still fighting the winter chill.  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Organic corn flour, Organic olive oil, Organic lavender essential oil

Palo santo holy wood
Eco-Friendly Palo Santo Holy Wood - Retail $4
Eco-Friendly Palo Santo Holy Wood – Retail $4

To top it off we’ve included some Palo Santo, also known as “Holy Wood”, a sacred wood that comes from the Palo Santo trees of South America. It is similar to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal resin incense. Each eco-friendly incense stick is harvested from naturally fallen branches from Peruvian Palo Santo trees. These branches lay dormant for up to 10 years before harvesting. During that time they develop a natural resin which is what makes the smoke so fragrant. 

Directions :

Burn the end and let is smoke for a few seconds and then blow out the flame. You should see the red amber glow.  Set it down on a safe glass, ceramic or metal holder and allow the sage-scented smoke to energize your space. It will only smoke for a minute or so, relight as necessary. To make it smoke continuously, place over a small coal, cone incense or keep a lit candle near by.

When burned, the smoke is believed to have medicinal, cleansing and therapeutic healing power. Burn while meditating, manifesting or cleaning your home and let this sacred sage-scented smoke clear away negative energy and energize your space in 2017!

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Written by Nicole Torres, Creator of Diosa Box



Happy Holidays, Diosas!

Another new month, another new way to love and pamper yourself!  This month we have paired SIX all natural and organic FULL SIZE items to help you enjoy, relax and recover this month! Our theme this month was inspired by LAETITIA – The Roman Goddess of joy, gaiety, and celebration, and is especially linked with holidays and festivals, which is why we chose her!  

Below is a little more about the items we chose for you this month. We hope you love it as much as we do! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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La Lueur Luxury Soy Candle – $23


This hand poured soy candle lets you celebrate the magic of Christmas all year round!  This scent is called Blue Spruce and it is perfectly light and fresh with top notes of pine needles, spearmint, evergreen, and spruce. Middle notes of cinnamon, cypress, lemon, and base notes of moss, musk, sandalwood, and cedarwood. What is great is that the scent is not overpowering. 

We loved burning this candle while soaking in a hot bath with Moon Body Soul’s Moon Dust! These candles are pure soy and free of harmful chemicals so can burn these candles without the worry of breathing in anything gross or toxic!

Tip: Be sure to trim the char off the wick when you relight the candle. Glass can get hot so be sure to use protection when moving the candle while it’s hot.

Moon Dust by Moon Body Soul – $9


A completely natural meditative bath soak. This fizzy bath soak promotes relaxation & detoxification.  Unlike other bath soaks, Moon Dust is made with only the best stuff Mother Nature has to offer with no fillers, dyes or synthetic fragrances! Use this soak to calm your nerves, detoxify your skin and magically release the tension in your body & mind. Perfect after a night of dancing to soothe those achy feet. You will be floating on air after a soak with Moon Dust. 

Ingredients and benefits:

  • The sodium bicarbonate is made from natural deposits and is extracted by a simple water process that uses no chemicals.
  • The Citric Acid is 100% pure & natural with no use of GMOs.
  • Organic Coconut Oil and  100% Vitamin E Oil is added for super hydrating power. 
  • The added healing power of Magnesium Sulfate will soothe your muscles.
  • A signature “Moon Scent” is infused with 100% Vanilla Absolute Essential Oil & 100% Lavender Essential Oil for a calming and meditative bath experience.
  • Topped off with culinary grade dried Rosebuds & Petals for an exceptionally exotic bathing experience. Let them float in the water or use them to gently exfoliate your skin.

Fig & Honey Lip Balm by Farmstead Apothecary – $5.99


Chapped lips don’t stand a chance against this soothing and hydrating lip balm. Formulated with the purest blend of organic shea butter and coconut oil for a smooth and silky balm that your lips can easily absorb. Tastes like sweet honey and figs picked fresh from the farm!

Since this arrived on our doorstep it has not left our sides! We love this giant lip balm! It truly has saved my dry and flaky lips. Every winter it seems like the little kid with a red ring around her mouth wants to reappear. Not this winter!

In addition to being all natural, this balm is packaged in 100% biodegradable paper tubes, for the nature lover in all of us. Hooray for Sustainability!

Party Detox from Herbal Zap – $15.99


The Party Detox herbal blend is for those times when we overindulge in one way or another. Yes, it is great for the morning after a bit of boozy night, but it is also great for when you have overdone it with food, lack of sleep or whatever your party time included.  Overall, this is a GREAT item to have in stock around the house.

This stuff truly works! When the day came that we needed to test it out we agreed that after drinking the mix the hangover feeling starts to fade away. The herbs start to do their job almost immediately and depending on how much you’re hurting, you can usually restore your balance in 1-2 doses a day. (We don’t claim you can drink everything and be fine the next day, standard adult life rules still apply!)

There is a bit of a kick to these packs, hence the “ZAP” in the Herbal Zap name, but you easily get use to it and the bite means it’s working, right?! However, if the zap is too strong you can always water it down as needed and it’s still as effective. The flavor profile is close to a slightly sweetened ginger tea.

This box contains 10 packets and each packet of Party Detox uses the power of herbs to soothe your stomach and detox your whole system.


Ginger supports digestion and detoxification. Amala and Black pepper are nourishing and detoxifying.  Turmeric is one of nature’s best antioxidants. Coriander is soothing support for the whole body. Key lime which is bound to a small amount of cane sugar are the carriers for the herbal extracts. Nothing else!

Bee Joy from Hallelujah Honey – $6


Hallelujah Honey is owned and operated by Christopher Carlberg and a small team, including his wife, who have made it their life’s mission to save the honey bees!  Hallelujah Honey has teamed up with local organizations and civilians to get petitions enacted to protect honey bees, which we depend on to pollinate crops for food production.  

The mission of Hallelujah Honey is to rescue bees all over southern California and integrate them into new, permanent bee homes. Christopher goes out on bee rescue missions to remove bee hives from people’s homes so they are not exterminated. We were told that he is sometimes called the bee whisperer by local farmers and is so tuned in to his honey bees that he can tell when the queen is present and the overall health of the swarm. AMAZING right!?  When we heard the story behind Hallelujah Honey, and the love that really goes into each jar, we knew we had to help promote their livelihood and that of their wonderful honey bees. They say that happy bees make the best honey and you are sure to taste the difference in this jar of orange blossom Bee Joy honey from Hallelujah Honey!

This specific honey is a perfect addition to teas, holiday desserts, or drizzled over some banana and toast! The perfect breakfast when you’re short on time!



1 piece of whole grain toast

½ a banana sliced

1 Tbs of peanut butter

½ tspn of honey

Pop your bread in the toaster. While you wait, slice the banana into rounds. Once the toast is ready, spread the peanut butter over the toast and top with the banana rounds, spreading them evenly.  Finally, drizzle with honey in a zigzag motion and enjoy!

Check these out!

You can find 15 “Buzzworthy” honey recipes here, courtesy of Southern Living. We are huge fans of pancetta and goat cheese, so the Pancetta Crisps With Goat Cheese and Pear gets our vote! YUM!


And if you’re a fan of bourbon, try this recipe at your next holiday party! Simply, amazing! 

JOY Wall Art & Card – $5.50


This card obviously jumped up at us when we were putting this box together. We will have to update this picture to the framed wall art version so you can see how cute it looks and what our original idea is for this!  During the holidays it is easy to get stressed out or worry about how things “need” to happen.  Just remember to find ways to have fun! Focus on the positive and just go with the flow so you can enjoy more and stress less!

Happy Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!

Love, Team Diosa!

December Theme Revealed!

‘Tis the season for JOY and we’ve teamed up with some AMAZING makers for you this month!


We have paired SIX all natural and organic FULL SIZE items to help you enjoy, relax and recover this month!

Our theme this month was inspired by LAETITIA – The Roman Goddess of joy, gaiety, and celebration, and is especially linked with holidays and festivals, which is why we chose her! This month will be full of dinner parties, holiday parties, family, friends and fun…too much fun sometimes. Not to mention New Year’s Eve! The party to end all parties.

Get your JOY on with Diosa Box ! We already have pre orders in so don’t wait, we will sell out this month! Get in before November 30th to secure the gift that keeps on giving. 

JOY Diosa Box is shipping out the first week of December around the 8th, due to some products arriving later than expected because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks in advance for your patience!