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Cleanse + Detox Your Way To Self Love + Inner Peace With Diosa Box

Hi Diosas!

We are so excited to bring you this very special Diosa self care kit! As we switch from the vibrancy of Summer to the cozy days of Fall, and perhaps best season for introspection, we hope you enjoy this month’s curation.

We welcome a New Moon in Virgo, on September 20th and “healing” with a fresh start is just what the doctor ordered.  We invite you to go inward and use the decisiveness of Virgo to help you focus on how you will make healthier habits this fall. How will you show yourself some love? Spend time in the present, in the Now. Walk outside, get fresh air, drink herbal teas and more water, TRY to sleep more, do less “stuff” and take more time for yourself. Really, do it.

It is truly a magical experience  to use all of these natural plant, water, and Earth based products in sequence.

$8 – Incense Cleansing + Grounding Kit

Diya Incense Holder – India Sweets + Spices with “Gloria” resin from The Green Man Store

A great way to start your cleansing and detoxing ritual this season is to cleanse your space and set a tone that is inviting, clean, and comforting.

Included in this month’s box is a special incense kit that includes :

  • Diya – A traditional offering dish or lantern used by many Hindu’s in a “puja” or offering ceremony. In this case we will be using it as a dish to hold the charcoal disk instead of lantern fluid.
  • Green Man Incense Blend – A loose blend of earthy incense that help strengthen a connection to Mother Earth. A great grounding incense.
  • Gloria Resin Blend –  A lovely blend of loose resin incense graced with a hint of floral sweetness. Perfect for rituals, contemplation or just to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. A very orthodox blend with large grains of strong scent both bold and sweet. A mix of frankincense, myrrh, copal, dragons blood just to name a few.
  • 2 Three King’s Charcoal disks – Break a chunk off, carefully light it to let the sparks ignite the inside of the charcoal. Place into the incense holder and gently blow on the coal to ignite the fire within it. Once the coal turns red and gray, sprinkle a small amount of incense or lose resin over the top. Mix the two if you want to play with the fragrances. Can also be found at The Green Man Store.

When burned, these sacred resins emit a holy smoke and a calming fragrance that is known to clear negative energies, connect us with the our higher consciousness, and fill our surroundings with high vibrations.

You can find more resin or loose incense at The Green Man Store located in the Valley on Lankershim.  Visiting this cozy magical shop is a must if you are local.

To get more of these cute little dishes, you can visit India Sweets and Spices locally at the Los Feliz location or a quick google search will find the nearest location to you.

Hibiscus+Turmeric Honey Scrub – $14

Hibiscus+Turmeric Honey Scrub

Summertime and warm weather can be hard on the skin and tends to dry it out. An herbal face scrub is a perfect way to transition your skin care regimen while moving from season to season. Since our theme this month is all about detoxing, the Hibiscus + Turmeric Honey Scrub by The October Union is a perfect product to support the purifying process.

Hibiscus and Turmeric! These are two powerhouses that naturally detoxify your skin! First, lets start with our floral friend. Hibiscus tea has been used in many cultures to maintain heart health, lower blood pressure, and combat cancer and liver disease. Hibiscus pulp was also once used to treat skin wounds.

Turmeric has become a pretty popular and trendy detoxing agent — but some cultures have been using the magic golden powder for years, its been a staple ingredient in Southeast Asian food and Auyervedic medicinal healing for centuries. Turmeric is one of those spices that everyone loves for its powerful healing properties, because it helps the inside and outside of your body! The number one quality of turmeric is that its anti-inflammatory – SO good for for your gut and your organs, and since we’re talking skincare, turmeric is a powerful agent in helping clear psoriasis, acne, and eczema.

So, needless to say, this little scrub is packing some purifying punch! It triples as an exfoliating face cleanser, as a mask, and it can also be used on the body! It’s perfect for tackling acne prone and congested skin. It smells rich with other essential organic and wild-harvested ingredients like sage honey, ginger, orange, frankincense, and myrrh.

Use code word THEUNION to get 10% OFF your first order with The October Union!

I used it as an exfoliating face cleanser and it smelled so sweet and juicy as I was smoothing it over my cheeks! Like, good enough to eat — and I was tempted to taste it, but alas did not. After rinsing it off, my cheeks felt smooth, clean, and moisturized. Looking forward to using it all winter long to keep dead and dry skin cells away!

Thank you to our friends The October Union that created this special product. If you appreciate ancient healing remedies, trust in the power of plant magic, and connecting with Mother Earth – you’re going to love this scrub.

Follow The October Union on Instagram at  @theoctoberunion.

Naturally Beautiful Dead Sea Mud Mask – $22

Naturally Beautiful Dead Sea Mud Mask

I love a good face mask, especially toward the end of the summer after your skin has been exposed to a lot of sun, wind, sand, salt, and all that other good stuff. I slathered on this Naturally Beautiful Dead Sea Mud Mask after I used the delicious Hibiscus+Turmeric scrub mentioned above. I think this was a good choice because I gave the dead sea black mud a clean, exfoliated skin surface to soak in and do its thang.

Here’s the amazing news — this dead sea black mud mask is EASY TO WASH OFF!!! If you have ever used mud or clay masks on the regs, then you know that they make a bit of a mess (I mean, it’s mud after all) and sometimes the residue can be hard to wash off your fingers, and your face. Not this mud. This mud went on silky smooth, and washed off with three splashes of water! No heavy rubbing with a wash cloth. It was so great. It dried quickly after being on for about 12ish minutes, and didn’t burn or leave my cheeks red afterward.

So, the Dead Sea is a special salt lake that is located off the shores of Israel, Jordan, and Palestine. It’s one of those places that people will travel to for its high salinity, healing waters. The mask is made with some pretty simple ingredients, and black mud is a mighty one! Black mud helps increase circulation which brings more oxygen to your cells, and removes toxins and waste. Its high in minerals such as sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium. Basically, this mask is a perfect detox for your face while nourishing the skin and not drying it out too much.

I recommend this to anyone that has sensitive skin and is afraid to use masks for fear it could agitate your skin with post mask breakouts or redness. If so, this would be a great starter for you.


  • Dead Sea black mud
  • Seaweed
  • Minerals
  • Aloe Vera
  • Olive Oil

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Flower Power Wellness Bath – $12

Angel Face Botanicals Flower Power Wellness Bath

If you love taking hot herbal baths, this is such a comforting blend to take into the tub with you! As the cool weather arrives in some places, hot baths are often a way to get through long winters and keep your spirits balanced and your head clear. This bath salt blend by Angel Face Botanicals was made to specifically to support feminine health and well-being. The blend is good for easing depression, headaches, PMS, and symptoms of menopause.

After a really hard day at the office, I came home, ran a hot bath, and tried this Flower Power blend. I also had been dealing with an inflamed ankle from a spider bite. I made sure to fill the enclosed cloth bag with as much of the salt blend as I could fit. I added a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil (good for clearing respiratory system), and a drizzle of vitamin E oil as an added moisturizer. No bubble bath in this one because I wanted to soak in the power of the cleansing salts , dried herbs, and flowers. The smell of the salt blend was very subtle and relaxing, not overpowering at all. I came out of the bath feeling refreshed and revitalized, my ankle swelling had gone down too. Thank you Flower Power!

With the literal healing power of flowers and epsom salt’s astringent and antiseptic properties, this is the perfect combination for a detoxifying soak.

Magical ingredients include:  Rose, chamomile, and some more of the best healing plants: lavender, red clover, and calendula — all of which have astringent and antiseptic properties, making them perfect for a detoxifying soak. They also all promote healing for sunburn, eczema, dermatitis, spider veins, cuts, and bruises.

So if you’re dealing with a hard day, uncomfortable skin irritations, or just feeling burnt out — this bathing tonic will be exactly what you need to feel better.

Follow Angel Face Botanicals on Instagram at  @angelfacebotanicals.

Grapeseed Grapefruit Cleansing Milk – $8.50

Face/Food Grapeseed Grapefruit Cleansing Milk

During the seasonal change from warm to cold, I usually switch out my face cleanser and moisturizer. This is a good practice because with natural changes in the environment, your skin will have different needs. I usually switch to a cream cleanser, and choose a heavier, moisture rich face creme or oil (vs. face lotion). During the cool nights I like going to sleep with my face feeling heavy with hydration, because I know in the morning it will all have been absorbed and don’t like waking up with my face feeling dry.

This Grapeseed and Grapefruit Cleansing Milk by Face/Food is a perfect swap into your daily skincare regimen in the Fall. Cleansing milk is creamy, moisture rich, yet gentle. I also love cleansing milks because they are so gentle they can remove eye makeup without tugging too much at delicate lashes.


  • Grapeseed Oil – full of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory, naturally firms skin
  • Organic Coconut Oil – chock full of healing fatty acids
  • Local Raw Honey – anti-bacterial and humectant, drawing water into the skin
  • Baby Mild Castile Soap – contains olive, coconut, jojoba and hemp oils
  • Avocado Oil – nourishing fatty oil filled with anti-oxidant vitaminE
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil – naturally brightens dull skin, is anti-septic, and anti-microbial

A gentle facial cleanser that delivers skin loving moisturizers like avocado and grapeseed oil plus delicious citrus oils that clean deep without stripping your skin.  Follow up with a toner that delivers a lovely botanical healing experience that fights acne, balances and hydrates skin. Top it off with a sample of Lavender+Geranium Face/Food moisturizer- BONUS!

rose, tea tree, lavender, geranium and more to deliver

All those delicious and nurturing oils will definitely keep your skin happy! Moisture rich cleansing is one of my favorites, because who likes feeling all dry and tight after washing their face?

Flower Power Healing Toner – $14

Face/Food Flower Power Healing Toner

Another item full of flower power by Face/Food! This Healing Toner is made with some of our favorite flower fragrances– rose, geranium, lavender, and tea tree.

Tea tree is such a powerful natural ingredient that is packed with anti-fungal, astringent, and antiseptic qualities. Facially speaking, its been known to combat acne and can be a great remedy for the over-oily skin types.


  • Distilled water – essential oil carrier and hydration provider
  • Witch Hazel – healing, soothing, shrinks blood vessels, refines pores, and helps seal in moisture
  • Rose – anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, super anti-oxidant with high levels of vitamin C
  • Apricot Oil – super emollient, high in Omega 6, vitamins A and E, firms and tones while absorbing quickly into the skin
  • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend – Face/Food’s special essential oil blend!
  • Leucidal Liquid – a natural preservative derived from fermented radish root

I love keeping a bottle of toning spray in my bag at all times, and especially while traveling. It’s one of my favorite ways to hydrate my skin in dry conditions. A little extra tip — spray this toner on after cleansing AND after moisturizing. Keep that skin extra dewy and soft this Fall!

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A HUGE thank you to our brand partners this month who really helped us get some amazing products for you. So please help us support these wonderful makers and let us know what you think in the comments below!

The September Cleanse + Detox Diosa Box could not have come at a more opportune time…

In the spirit of cleansing and detoxing, we’ve examined your feedback and identified opportunities for growth and improvement. After this shipment we will be closing our doors to reset, regroup and relaunch as a better business so we can deliver the best self care gifts for you and our future customers. Be on the lookout for new updates and a re-release during the Winter Solstice!
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Cool Off and Let the Goddess Ganga Guide You into the Autumnal Equinox

As summer winds down and fall approaches, we are reminded that another transitional time is on the horizon.

September is a wonderful month to reflect on all the warmth and cosmic power the summer months brought us. What were you thankful for this summer?

Feeling gratitude with each peaceful leaf that falls from the trees, our bodies and minds begin to sense the need to go inward, rest, and revitalize from all energy we expel during the summertime.

September’s next full moon, which will be on the 6th, is in the water sign of Pisces. We are now working toward the Autumnal Equinox and Harvest moon in the coming weeks. Which is why we felt this next Diosa was perfect to guide you into the grounding and cool harvest time — Ganga.

Ganga is a Hindu goddess, a personification of the sacred Ganges river in the holy land of India. Embodying coolness, cleansing, health, mercy, and purity, it is believed amongst Hindus that one drop of Ganga’s sacred waters could wipe away a lifetime of sins.

According to Hindu mythology, Ganga was a celestial creature that descended from heaven to earth bringing purity and spiritual divinity to the people.

In the spirit of Ganga’s purifying power, we hope this months products will kick start your cleansing and detox ritual. Each product was carefully selected for their purifying properties, making them a great addition to your skincare routine as the season changes and we move into cooler weather.

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What did the past season’s heat bring up for you? Anything you want to let go of?

Honor the water element to bring about some of Ganga’s cleansing powers  over the next few weeks. Put out a jar of fresh water under the next full moons — which will be in Pisces on September 6th, and the one after that which is the Harvest Moon on October 5th — and let it charge with pure lunar energy.

Use this water in your homemade essential oil sprays, or in a ceremonial bath. This is also a great time to re-charge your crystals and clean your altars before we move deeper into the darkness and hibernation season.

May Ganga’s cool water element calm us as we let go and look forward to a new opportunity to karmically cleanse and nourish ourselves physically and mentally.

Blessing + Love,

Team Diosa

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Written by: Dez Ramirez


Celestial Diosa Box Delivers Tools and Techniques For Times of Stress

Hi Diosas!

How is the first part of August going for you all!? We are right in the pre-shadow phase of our next Mercury Retrograde. Yep, it’s back.
The Celestial Shadow Diosa Box is here to deliver powerful Earth-based ingredients that will help keep you grounded and centered during times of stress. These self care tools give you remedies that are safe, effective, and truly within reach – because sometimes a hot bath and a glass of wine are just not as convenient as a modern goddess would hope for.

LUNA Healing Crystal Oil – Balanced Roots – $12

10% off your next Balanced Roots product purchase with coupon code: SAVE10 

I am so thrilled to introduce Balanced Roots, created and hand crafted by Lauren Venable. Lauren has so many gifts to share with the world and we are lucky to get our hands on a very special healing blend that she has masterfully crafted exclusively for Diosa Box!

She understands the cosmic energy that is filling our space this month. So together, we were able to create an oil blend that serves as a solution to that cosmic energy. She had also previously posted an August Energy Reading stating that “August is going to be a
POTENT month” so if you have 5 minutes to spare and some clarity to gain, definitely check it out.

The LUNA Blend is all about awakening your own Inner Goddess so you can show up for life feeling more whole, balanced, & powerful.

Inside each roller you will find Moonstone, which fosters a connection to the Divine Feminine – a beautiful source of power and creativity. The addition of Black Agate promotes a sense of balance as it grounds & settles your energy. Throw in a carefully crafted blend of therapeutic grade essential oils to enliven your senses, enhance your focus, and lift your spirit. LUNA is sure to be your best friend this month!

Use this Crystal Oil when you’re feeling defeated, lost, or overwhelmed and let the Goddess guide you.

As mentioned in our previous blog post, the energy in August is going to be pretty intense. Have you started feeling it yet? I sure have! This is not a shameless plug here, this stuff really works!

In the last year, miraculously, none of our products have arrived damaged. But this time, some rollers arrived broken, which is always a risk. But why now? My day job was ramping up, my birthday was on a Monday, I had out-of-town visitors with more coming, AND I was trying to get my to-do list done before leaving for a much-needed vacation. So of course that’s when it finally happened, throwing my entire schedule off balance at the worse possible time. If anyone needed anxiety relief and help with focusing, it was me.

Upon opening the damaged batch of oils, I was doing my best to it clean up and I applied some oil on neck and on my wrists to avoid wasting it completely. Normally, I would have met this situation with plenty of concern and a dash of panic, but not this time. I was able to approach the situation calmly,  clearly think of a solution, and accepted that what will be, will be.

After what felt like a very Zen conversation with Lauren, she sprung into action and whipped up a new batch of oils and sent them overnight. Sometimes things happen at the worst time and we overreact or worse, we SNAP! Under these circumstances, this was a smooth process and I have Lauren and her magical oil blending skills to be thankful for.

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Basil Essential Oil
  • Tumbled Black Agate
  • Tumbled Moonstone
  • Tumbled Clear Quartz

Benefits of Moonstone : 

  • Promotes emotional balance
  • Great for easing the hormonal changes of puberty
  • Pregnancy/postpartum & menopause
  • Soothes stress
  • Regulates the menstrual cycle
  • Balances hormones
  • Connects you with your Divine Feminine
  • “Girl power” stone for teens & preteens

Benefits of Black Agate :

  • Grounding & protective
  • Gives inner strength to move on
  • Very helpful in keeping the peace in stressful households
  • Steadiness when faced with practical decision-making or when doling out ‘tough love’
  • Brings calming peace during periods of grief
  • Keeps the body in balance, especially as one ages.

Benefits of Clear Quartz :

  • Considered the “master healer”
  • Highly versatile
  • Amplifies the energy of other stones
  • Protects against negativity
  • Connects you to your Soul
  • Relieves pain
  • Cleanse, opens, & aligns the energetic body
If you find yourself feeling like you need a deeper emotional or physical clearing of your energy, Lauren is graciously offering 50% off Energy Healing Services with coupon code: DIOSA

Click Here to schedule your next healing service with Lauren!

To shop Balanced Roots check out the site :

Moon Time Ease Oil by Herbal Chest – $11.50

This Moon Time Ease Oil is made to help ease cramping, soreness, and pain from the menstrual cycle. It’s handmade in small batches and these carefully combined herbs form an oil that includes Ginger, Cramp Bark, and Mugwort since these warming, going,  antispasmodics  herbs are especially beneficial for this time of the month.

It’s common to experience pain around the lower abdomen, during your cycle, but it’s also common around the lower back. I occasionally have pain in my legs as well. Fortunately, I was able to put this oil to the test at just the right time and I will say the oil
has a great consistency for massaging smoothly and easily. Not only did it relieve the pain in my sides, but also in my tight and achy calves!

Directions :

Pour the Moon Time Ease Oil in your hand, gently massage into your abdominal area until well absorbed, and cover with warmth afterward. Apply two to four times a day or as needed.

Take a look at these healing ingredients :

  • Ginger(Zingiber officinale)
  • Cramp Bark (Viburnum opulus) – named for it’s ability to help with “cramps”
  • Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)
  • Olive Oil
  • Vitamin E Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Chamomile Essential Oil
  • Ginger Essential Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil

The consistency is thick, so it will feel a little sticky. Cover with a warm towel to get the maximum benefits. It’s gentle enough to use on all skin types, and for sore muscle cramping that may not be associated with period cramping. Adverse reaction is not expected, but we always recommended that you do a patch test before using since everyone’s skin is different.

Lavender Marshmallow Cleansing Oil by Mother Mountain Herbs – $17

Use code word DIOSA to get 10% OFF your first order with Mother Mountain Herbs

Celebrate your face with the nourishing power of medicinal herbs and oil. Organic cold pessed sunflower oil comes together with soothing, skin-loving flowers and roots to make an all purpose cleanser that your skin will thank you for. Specifically crafted for all
skin types in order to maintain health, vitality, and glow. Sunflower oil is non-comodogenic and will not clog pores. Suitable for use with the Hot Cloth or Oil Cleansing Method.

Have you tried the oil cleansing/hot cloth method yet? If not, you’re about to fall in LOVE. Check out what has to say about oil cleansing:

“Oil dissolves oil. One of the most basic principals of chemistry is that “like dissolves like.” The best way to dissolve a non-polar solvent like sebum/oil, is by using another non-polar solvent similar in composition: Other oils. By using the right oils, you can cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently and effectively, while replacing the dirty oil with beneficial ones extracted from natural botanicals, vegetables, and fruits that heal, protect and nourish your skin. When done properly and consistently, the OCM can clear the skin from issues like oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, blackheads, whiteheads and other problems caused by mild to moderate acne–while leaving your skin healthy, balanced and properly moisturized.”


  1. Pour a quarter sized puddle of oil into the palm of your hand.
  2. Gently massage oil onto your face, including the eye area to dissolve eye makeup.
  3. Run a wash cloth under hot water and ring it out.
  4. Place hot cloth (not so hot that it burns your skin) over your face and let it sit for 30 seconds to a minute. This allows the pores to open and impurities to be removed.
  5. Gently wipe your face clean with the hot cloth.
  6. Follow up with your favorite toner and moisturize.
  7. Done! It’s that easy. A 5 minute self care ritual that will leave you feeling like you just walked out of a mini-facial. So refreshed and clean!

Ingredients include:

  • Organic cold-pressed sunflower oil
  • Organic marshmallow root
  • Home-grown calendula flowers
  • Organic lavender flowers
  • Lavender EO
  • Clary Sage EO

Calming Kit by Doug For It – $13

Chances are if you go to work, go to school, or just live in this country you deal with some form of stress or anxiety.  Anxiety is the most common form of mental disorders in the US. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), “40 million Americans over the age of 18 are affected by anxiety — roughly 18 percent of the nation’s population. Of those 40 million people, almost 7 million of them suffer from GAD, with 15 million suffering from social anxiety disorder, 14.8 million suffering from major depressive disorder, and 7.7 million affected by post-traumatic stress disorder.” If you’re like me, just reading that sentence gave you anxiety!

Anxiety can be very real for some people, so it was a goal of mine to find something that could help alleviate the need to physically exert that fidgety energy that comes with anxiety. It was also important to find tools that help build healthy habits to easily practice any time or anywhere – which is usually when anxiety tends to hit.

This energy calming kit is easily portable and the perfect size to have with you on the go or at your desk so it’s there when you need it. Slowing down and breathing can be the key to conquering fear and anxiety as well as dealing with stress, anger, or emotional issues.

Breath combined with positive self talk can be the anchor that helps keep you grounded, or gets you into the state of mind that you want to be in.

Each kit comes with :

  • 1 set of mini-affirmation cards
  • 1 set of breathing exercise cards
  • 2 oz. jar of non-toxic dough infused with pure essential oils
Affirmation + Breathing Cards

If you don’t have a morning self care ritual yet, this may be a great way to start. It’s super easy and takes very little time. If you do, awesome!

You’ll want to keep the affirmation cards somewhere you will see them. Shuffle the cards, take a deep breath, and pick one card. Read it out loud and remember it throughout the day. Even if you think it doesn’t relate to you at that moment, it may serve you later in the day in an unexpected situation.

Included in the kit are a pack of simple and straight forward little cards that make practicing your breathing super easy and fun. These are great to keep in your wallet or by your desk in case you need a mid-day reinforcement to keep calm. Take some time in the morning to practice a few and feel the difference it makes filling your body with nutrient rich oxygen.

Lion’s Roar Breath : 

In honor of this Leo month, try this exercise and tame the beast!

“This may be an exercise you want to do at home or somewhere in private. With this breath you want to inhale a nice long inhale through the nose. Then for the exhale, open your mouth wide, stretch your jaw and face and roar out your exhale.  If appropriate, do an actual roar. Repeat several times. ”

These are quite fun to try and definitely help keep you focused on something positive when you are focusing your mental energy or emotions on something that does not serve you.

Stress Relief Doug : 

Take a deep breath. Squeeze, pull, and twist the dough in your hands when you are feeling anxious or frustrated. The essential oils in the dough will release and help calm nerves. Each dough ball acts and feels like a stress ball, but without any of the toxins found in putty. It also smells better because it comes infused with Lavender and Chamomile essential oils. Ahhh…

Here are a few tips to keep your stress dough at it’s best:

It will dry out if you leave it in the open, so store it in a sealed container. If it does feel dry, add a drop of water and work it into the dough to revive it.

If you see salt crystals on the edges, put it in the microwave for about 3-5 seconds then work the dough, the crystals will reabsorb into the dough.

A note about microwaving:  This can revive and soften your dough if done for just a few seconds, but if over done it will ruin the dough. First it will melt, then it will harden like a rock. So microwave with care, in a microwaveable container, not in the metal tin!

Winter tips: If it has been stored somewhere cold (below 70 degrees), the coconut oil in it will harden up a little. As the dough warms up in your hands it will begin to become soft again or you can warm it in the microwave for about 5 seconds (don’t do more than 7 at once), it will soften up immediately and feel silky smooth.The hardening when cold is just a property of coconut oil and it doesn’t adversely affect the dough in any way.

Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

Store the unused dough in the fridge to keep it fresh longer.

Summer tips: If the dough feels melty or just too soft, that’s just the coconut oil. Put it in the fridge for just a bit and it will stiffen right up.

If you notice a little residue on your hands after you use the dough for more than a few minutes, don’t panic, it’s just the essential oil and carrier oil, you can just wipe it off or rinse it and you will notice that your hands smell great and feel soft!

Vitamin B12 Energy Booster by MdSiy – $24.99

Help combat fatigue and boost your metabolism with these easy to swallow water soluble vitamins. These liquid drops are sublingual, meaning they are meant to be put under your tongue and absorbed through the mucous membrane that lines your mouth. The amount of B-12 your body needs daily is only between 2.4 and 2.8 micro grams, but its poor absorption through the stomach means you need to take more if by supplementing.
To use, just put 10 drops under your tongue and hold them for 30 seconds before swallowing to quickly absorb into your system.
to support adrenal function and maintain a healthy nervous system.

Look at all the ways B12 can help improve your state of mind and well being:

IMPROVE MEMORY AND CONCENTRATION – B12 improves clarity of thought because of the way it acts on the nervous system. In particular, maintaining healthy vitamin B12 levels helps prevent age-associated cognitive decline.

INCREASE ENERGY – Because of its role in fatty acid metabolism, vitamin B12 provides an energy boost to the body.

BLOOD CELLS – B-12 is needed to make red blood cells, produce energy, synthesize DNA during cell division and to maintain normal cognitive function.

PREVENTION OF PERNICIOUS ANEMIA – Vitamin B12 is essential in the process of making red blood cells. Supplementing this nutrient can help prevent certain kinds of anemia.

VEGAN FRIENDLY – Great for vegetarians & vegans

May the moon’s magic bring you powerful energy this month!

Nicole Torres

Owner and Creator of Diosa Box

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