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Cleanse + Detox Your Way To Self Love + Inner Peace With Diosa Box

Hi Diosas!

We are so excited to bring you this very special Diosa self care kit! As we switch from the vibrancy of Summer to the cozy days of Fall, and perhaps best season for introspection, we hope you enjoy this month’s curation.

We welcome a New Moon in Virgo, on September 20th and “healing” with a fresh start is just what the doctor ordered.  We invite you to go inward and use the decisiveness of Virgo to help you focus on how you will make healthier habits this fall. How will you show yourself some love? Spend time in the present, in the Now. Walk outside, get fresh air, drink herbal teas and more water, TRY to sleep more, do less “stuff” and take more time for yourself. Really, do it.

It is truly a magical experience  to use all of these natural plant, water, and Earth based products in sequence.

$8 – Incense Cleansing + Grounding Kit

Diya Incense Holder – India Sweets + Spices with “Gloria” resin from The Green Man Store

A great way to start your cleansing and detoxing ritual this season is to cleanse your space and set a tone that is inviting, clean, and comforting.

Included in this month’s box is a special incense kit that includes :

  • Diya – A traditional offering dish or lantern used by many Hindu’s in a “puja” or offering ceremony. In this case we will be using it as a dish to hold the charcoal disk instead of lantern fluid.
  • Green Man Incense Blend – A loose blend of earthy incense that help strengthen a connection to Mother Earth. A great grounding incense.
  • Gloria Resin Blend –  A lovely blend of loose resin incense graced with a hint of floral sweetness. Perfect for rituals, contemplation or just to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. A very orthodox blend with large grains of strong scent both bold and sweet. A mix of frankincense, myrrh, copal, dragons blood just to name a few.
  • 2 Three King’s Charcoal disks – Break a chunk off, carefully light it to let the sparks ignite the inside of the charcoal. Place into the incense holder and gently blow on the coal to ignite the fire within it. Once the coal turns red and gray, sprinkle a small amount of incense or lose resin over the top. Mix the two if you want to play with the fragrances. Can also be found at The Green Man Store.

When burned, these sacred resins emit a holy smoke and a calming fragrance that is known to clear negative energies, connect us with the our higher consciousness, and fill our surroundings with high vibrations.

You can find more resin or loose incense at The Green Man Store located in the Valley on Lankershim.  Visiting this cozy magical shop is a must if you are local.

To get more of these cute little dishes, you can visit India Sweets and Spices locally at the Los Feliz location or a quick google search will find the nearest location to you.

Hibiscus+Turmeric Honey Scrub – $14

Hibiscus+Turmeric Honey Scrub

Summertime and warm weather can be hard on the skin and tends to dry it out. An herbal face scrub is a perfect way to transition your skin care regimen while moving from season to season. Since our theme this month is all about detoxing, the Hibiscus + Turmeric Honey Scrub by The October Union is a perfect product to support the purifying process.

Hibiscus and Turmeric! These are two powerhouses that naturally detoxify your skin! First, lets start with our floral friend. Hibiscus tea has been used in many cultures to maintain heart health, lower blood pressure, and combat cancer and liver disease. Hibiscus pulp was also once used to treat skin wounds.

Turmeric has become a pretty popular and trendy detoxing agent — but some cultures have been using the magic golden powder for years, its been a staple ingredient in Southeast Asian food and Auyervedic medicinal healing for centuries. Turmeric is one of those spices that everyone loves for its powerful healing properties, because it helps the inside and outside of your body! The number one quality of turmeric is that its anti-inflammatory – SO good for for your gut and your organs, and since we’re talking skincare, turmeric is a powerful agent in helping clear psoriasis, acne, and eczema.

So, needless to say, this little scrub is packing some purifying punch! It triples as an exfoliating face cleanser, as a mask, and it can also be used on the body! It’s perfect for tackling acne prone and congested skin. It smells rich with other essential organic and wild-harvested ingredients like sage honey, ginger, orange, frankincense, and myrrh.

Use code word THEUNION to get 10% OFF your first order with The October Union!

I used it as an exfoliating face cleanser and it smelled so sweet and juicy as I was smoothing it over my cheeks! Like, good enough to eat — and I was tempted to taste it, but alas did not. After rinsing it off, my cheeks felt smooth, clean, and moisturized. Looking forward to using it all winter long to keep dead and dry skin cells away!

Thank you to our friends The October Union that created this special product. If you appreciate ancient healing remedies, trust in the power of plant magic, and connecting with Mother Earth – you’re going to love this scrub.

Follow The October Union on Instagram at  @theoctoberunion.

Naturally Beautiful Dead Sea Mud Mask – $22

Naturally Beautiful Dead Sea Mud Mask

I love a good face mask, especially toward the end of the summer after your skin has been exposed to a lot of sun, wind, sand, salt, and all that other good stuff. I slathered on this Naturally Beautiful Dead Sea Mud Mask after I used the delicious Hibiscus+Turmeric scrub mentioned above. I think this was a good choice because I gave the dead sea black mud a clean, exfoliated skin surface to soak in and do its thang.

Here’s the amazing news — this dead sea black mud mask is EASY TO WASH OFF!!! If you have ever used mud or clay masks on the regs, then you know that they make a bit of a mess (I mean, it’s mud after all) and sometimes the residue can be hard to wash off your fingers, and your face. Not this mud. This mud went on silky smooth, and washed off with three splashes of water! No heavy rubbing with a wash cloth. It was so great. It dried quickly after being on for about 12ish minutes, and didn’t burn or leave my cheeks red afterward.

So, the Dead Sea is a special salt lake that is located off the shores of Israel, Jordan, and Palestine. It’s one of those places that people will travel to for its high salinity, healing waters. The mask is made with some pretty simple ingredients, and black mud is a mighty one! Black mud helps increase circulation which brings more oxygen to your cells, and removes toxins and waste. Its high in minerals such as sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium. Basically, this mask is a perfect detox for your face while nourishing the skin and not drying it out too much.

I recommend this to anyone that has sensitive skin and is afraid to use masks for fear it could agitate your skin with post mask breakouts or redness. If so, this would be a great starter for you.


  • Dead Sea black mud
  • Seaweed
  • Minerals
  • Aloe Vera
  • Olive Oil

Follow Naturally Beautiful on Instagram at  @naturallybeautiful530.

Flower Power Wellness Bath – $12

Angel Face Botanicals Flower Power Wellness Bath

If you love taking hot herbal baths, this is such a comforting blend to take into the tub with you! As the cool weather arrives in some places, hot baths are often a way to get through long winters and keep your spirits balanced and your head clear. This bath salt blend by Angel Face Botanicals was made to specifically to support feminine health and well-being. The blend is good for easing depression, headaches, PMS, and symptoms of menopause.

After a really hard day at the office, I came home, ran a hot bath, and tried this Flower Power blend. I also had been dealing with an inflamed ankle from a spider bite. I made sure to fill the enclosed cloth bag with as much of the salt blend as I could fit. I added a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil (good for clearing respiratory system), and a drizzle of vitamin E oil as an added moisturizer. No bubble bath in this one because I wanted to soak in the power of the cleansing salts , dried herbs, and flowers. The smell of the salt blend was very subtle and relaxing, not overpowering at all. I came out of the bath feeling refreshed and revitalized, my ankle swelling had gone down too. Thank you Flower Power!

With the literal healing power of flowers and epsom salt’s astringent and antiseptic properties, this is the perfect combination for a detoxifying soak.

Magical ingredients include:  Rose, chamomile, and some more of the best healing plants: lavender, red clover, and calendula — all of which have astringent and antiseptic properties, making them perfect for a detoxifying soak. They also all promote healing for sunburn, eczema, dermatitis, spider veins, cuts, and bruises.

So if you’re dealing with a hard day, uncomfortable skin irritations, or just feeling burnt out — this bathing tonic will be exactly what you need to feel better.

Follow Angel Face Botanicals on Instagram at  @angelfacebotanicals.

Grapeseed Grapefruit Cleansing Milk – $8.50

Face/Food Grapeseed Grapefruit Cleansing Milk

During the seasonal change from warm to cold, I usually switch out my face cleanser and moisturizer. This is a good practice because with natural changes in the environment, your skin will have different needs. I usually switch to a cream cleanser, and choose a heavier, moisture rich face creme or oil (vs. face lotion). During the cool nights I like going to sleep with my face feeling heavy with hydration, because I know in the morning it will all have been absorbed and don’t like waking up with my face feeling dry.

This Grapeseed and Grapefruit Cleansing Milk by Face/Food is a perfect swap into your daily skincare regimen in the Fall. Cleansing milk is creamy, moisture rich, yet gentle. I also love cleansing milks because they are so gentle they can remove eye makeup without tugging too much at delicate lashes.


  • Grapeseed Oil – full of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory, naturally firms skin
  • Organic Coconut Oil – chock full of healing fatty acids
  • Local Raw Honey – anti-bacterial and humectant, drawing water into the skin
  • Baby Mild Castile Soap – contains olive, coconut, jojoba and hemp oils
  • Avocado Oil – nourishing fatty oil filled with anti-oxidant vitaminE
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil – naturally brightens dull skin, is anti-septic, and anti-microbial

A gentle facial cleanser that delivers skin loving moisturizers like avocado and grapeseed oil plus delicious citrus oils that clean deep without stripping your skin.  Follow up with a toner that delivers a lovely botanical healing experience that fights acne, balances and hydrates skin. Top it off with a sample of Lavender+Geranium Face/Food moisturizer- BONUS!

rose, tea tree, lavender, geranium and more to deliver

All those delicious and nurturing oils will definitely keep your skin happy! Moisture rich cleansing is one of my favorites, because who likes feeling all dry and tight after washing their face?

Flower Power Healing Toner – $14

Face/Food Flower Power Healing Toner

Another item full of flower power by Face/Food! This Healing Toner is made with some of our favorite flower fragrances– rose, geranium, lavender, and tea tree.

Tea tree is such a powerful natural ingredient that is packed with anti-fungal, astringent, and antiseptic qualities. Facially speaking, its been known to combat acne and can be a great remedy for the over-oily skin types.


  • Distilled water – essential oil carrier and hydration provider
  • Witch Hazel – healing, soothing, shrinks blood vessels, refines pores, and helps seal in moisture
  • Rose – anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, super anti-oxidant with high levels of vitamin C
  • Apricot Oil – super emollient, high in Omega 6, vitamins A and E, firms and tones while absorbing quickly into the skin
  • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend – Face/Food’s special essential oil blend!
  • Leucidal Liquid – a natural preservative derived from fermented radish root

I love keeping a bottle of toning spray in my bag at all times, and especially while traveling. It’s one of my favorite ways to hydrate my skin in dry conditions. A little extra tip — spray this toner on after cleansing AND after moisturizing. Keep that skin extra dewy and soft this Fall!

Follow Face/Food on Instagram at  @facefoodnaturalskincare.

A HUGE thank you to our brand partners this month who really helped us get some amazing products for you. So please help us support these wonderful makers and let us know what you think in the comments below!

The September Cleanse + Detox Diosa Box could not have come at a more opportune time…

In the spirit of cleansing and detoxing, we’ve examined your feedback and identified opportunities for growth and improvement. After this shipment we will be closing our doors to reset, regroup and relaunch as a better business so we can deliver the best self care gifts for you and our future customers. Be on the lookout for new updates and a re-release during the Winter Solstice!
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Thrive in Times of Contrast with the Celestial Shadow Diosa Box

Full Solar Eclipse. Photo Source : American Astronomical Society

Hello Diosa!

The new moon is something we don’t get to see with the naked eye… unless there is a solar eclipse happening.

By now you’ve probably caught wind of “THE GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE!”… and if you haven’t, trust us, that’s what they are calling it. It even comes with it’s own website and corny merchandise for sale.

On the morning of August 21st, in an epic show, the new moon will cast its shadow over the sun, creating the first total solar eclipse seen across the United States since June of 1979.

Eclipse phases with”diamond ring” effect. Photo Source : American Astronomical Society

The new moon’s shadow will quite literally cut into our day, occluding the daylight and transforming it into a unique kind of darkness.

Check out this Vox video explaining “Why a total solar eclipse is such a big deal”.

The celestial party will actually start on August 7th.

Partial Lunar Eclipse. Photo Cred : JJ Harrison

That night, there is going to be a full moon for us to adore, but it will have a hidden agenda. Not to mention, it will also be co-founder, Nicole’s, birthday! Hooray, happy celestial alignment!

Well, sort of… The night’s full moon will experience a partial lunar eclipse with the Earth moving between the Sun and Moon. But these three celestial bodies won’t form a flawlessly straight line in space. A perfect sentiment for us Diosas since we are moving so much during the end of summer… and we may not be in alignment either.

So what do these eclipses mean for you?


Regulus in Leo the Lion. Photo Source:

It means there is going to be a lot of powerful, intense, masculine, and even contrasting energy in the air. This epic eclipse is happening quite literally over Regulus,  the brightest “royal” star in the constellation Leo the Lion, representing the Lion’s heart. With Leo being ruled by the sun and hosting a solar eclipse at home, you better believe there are going to be feelings of grand proportions, perhaps with a regal flare, and even authoritative power. This month remember to come from a place of self love and self discovery when building your personal kingdom.

Thrive in the contrast with the Celestial Shadow Diosa Box!

With everyone moving in so many directions, physically and emotionally, and perhaps planning for the last days of summer – we want to help you thrive in the contrast with the Celestial Shadow Diosa Box!

We’ll deliver products that’ll motivate you to boldly take on the last days of summer and bring you tranquility when you are out of alignment, reminding you that like the Earth’s shadow in an eclipse, dark times are only momentary. 

Make sure you sign up by the 1st to get your box with FREE SHIPPING! Use code GODDESS at checkout to get 15% off your first purchase. 
Sign up today!
To inspire us in this stirring and unique time, we introduce the Aztec deity Metztli, pronunciation “mets-li”.
Photo Source : Mythaelogy

Known as a goddess (and sometimes a god) of the moon, the night, and farmers. The Otomi people refer to her as the “Old Mother”, who represented both Moon and Earth simultaneously. Two very opposing bodies, but so wonderfully connected!

The legend of Metzli also tells us that the Moon and Sun were at one time equally as bright, but since these gods could not be seen as equals, one of them threw a rabbit in the face of the other, giving life to what is today’s darkened moon. It only shines as brilliantly during a full moon which is when the figure of the rabbit becomes readily visible on the face of the moon.

Aztec dancers celebrating the may deities on Dia de los Muertos.      Photo Credit: Salvador Ceja

The eclipses in August remind us of the brilliance of the sun as it shows itself to give warmth, provide food, and illuminate. We will honor the feminine energy of the moon as it tries to hold its place among the masculine energy during this time. We will also honor the umbra, the Earth’s shadow that leaves darkness in its path, even if just for a moment. It reminds us that an eclipsing shadow can realign itself from its shadow self to reveal the light once again.

Make sure you sign up by the 1st to get your box with FREE SHIPPING! Use code GODDESS at checkout to get 15% off your first purchase. 
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Flowers and Love Diosa Box Brings Joy to A LOT of Happy Mammas

Diosa Box Love & Flowers – May 2017

Hi Diosas!

Thank you for a successful month! We sold out of the Flowers and Love Diosa Boxes and with good reason. These products are AMAZING!

Yea…I know, I say that a lot, but seriously. This is probably one of my personal favorites because, one, I LOVE flowers and two, every single product is A+ quality magic with some powerful, all natural ingredients made by some incredibly talented and magical women.

A HUGE shoutout to our vendors who really helped us get some higher end products that normally, we are not able to do while keeping our costs down for you. So please support these wonderful makers. If you like what we have curated this month, let us know and let them know as well! I’ll link all their info below.

Rose Essence Exfoliating Face Toner – $24

Use codeword DIOSABOX to get 20% OFF your first order with Leaf Seed Berry!

We kept the next product on the hush because we didn’t want to ruin the surprise, because holy wow! One smell and you’ll know how special it truly is. Just look at that deep rich color. That’s 100% natural plant ingredients that are about to do some serious (but gentle) work on that pretty little face of yours.

This powerful tonic is so much more than just a toner. If you’re looking for an all-natural way to experience less breakouts, smoother skin, and an overall refreshed and brighter look with the appearance of smaller pores, look no further. – Jessica, Owner of Leaf Seed Berry

Indeed! This is no ordinary toner, which is why it’s called “exfoliating” toner. It is essentially helping to regenerate new skin cells naturally, it hydrates, disinfects and PREVENTS the degradation of collagen in your skin.

After a week you will start to see some very noticeable improvements in overall skin texture. A little tighter around the eyes and forehead, your pores will start to shrink and your skin will appear smoother, cleaner, and brighter!

I personally love the way this elixir has restored a natural glow and healthy color in my skin while shrinking my pores! I was blessed with big ‘ole pores. So I try really hard to make them simmer down. I know they will never truly go away, but I’m getting close with this incredible Rose Exfoliating Toner!  It will be a challenge to find a better toner with such immediate results.

Take a look at these Power Players of ingredients & their benefits :

  • Willow bark extract – a naturally-sourced salicylic acid, but comes with none of the drawbacks commonly associated with its use, primarily irritation. As such, it is a safe way to reap the benefits of a beta-hydroxy acid, which enhances skin cell turnover by promoting exfoliation resulting in a general improvement in the appearance of the skin and a smoothing effect with accompanying reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. With its antimicrobial properties, it’s useful as a remedy for problem skin conditions, including blemishes.
  • Aloe vera juice, geranium rose essential water, and chamomile extract helps to soothe and cool the skin, and reduce inflammation and redness.
  • Organic licorice root extract – Works to brighten the skin and increase luminosity naturally, while ameliorating age spots and irregular skin pigmentation.
  • Organic ginger root extract – Excellent anti-aging protection due to its ability to almost totally inhibit collagen degradation, with high levels of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Organic green tea and goji berry extracts – Even MORE powerful antioxidant and anti-aging protections.

Gentle enough to use on all skin types. Especially ideal for those with mature and/or acne-prone skin. It is always recommended that you do a patch test before using all over face (especially if you have very sensitive skin).

Be sure to read the directions as this asks you to wait 10 MINUTES AFTER APPLICATION TO APPLY A MOISTURIZER.  

Personally I like to use this toner and wait the full ten minutes, then follow up with a standard misting toner (usually a simple recipe of  water, aloe juice, glycerine and some essential oil) right before I apply a facial serum. I really like the way misting toners help to spread the serum around my face, which avoids using too much!

Jasmine Essence Body Oil with Jasmine Essential Oil – $18

Another jewel from Leaf Seed Berry, because how could we NOT include jasmine in our floral box!?  Don’t forget you get 20% off your first order with Leaf Seed Berry. Find them online or on Etsy!

Warm, flowery, and exotic is the perfect description for this body oil. It’s not in liquid form, so it’s more like a solid butter. A little goes a long way, so apply to really dry skin like knees, elbows and arms.

Or if you want to smell sweet, add a little to your neck like a perfume. This is a natural fragrance so it only has about a 5 hour staying power, like with most natural essential oils.

This solid body oil melts delicately into the skin. Not only is your skin left nicely moisturized with a non-greasy feeling, but beautifully scented as well, and not in an overpowering way.

It’s simple, elegant and smells incredible. A perfectly made body oil that gets the job done, and then some!


  • Pure jasmine essential oil
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Sustainably-harvested palm kernel oil

Skin Repair Balm : Yarrow + Usnea – $12

I can’t say enough about this incredible brand, moreover, this product! Not only is it made by hand with lots of love, but it’s packaging is beautiful and it delivers excellent healing benefits without harsh chemicals or irritants.

In my opinion, I’d say this is the best pocket sized first aid kit you will ever need.  I test all our products – the great ones that end up in our boxes and the not so good ones that will never be mentioned.

When I received this batch of Skin Repair Balm, I had JUST woken up to a super unpleasant rash around my eyes. I was up late working and just passed out without taking off my makeup. When I woke up I washed my face and felt very tender around my eyes, mostly on the sides and right below my bottom lashes. As my skin dried, that tender area got really dry and itchy.

Needless to say I had a reaction to the mascara I had left on overnight. I remember the  itchy feeling and rubbing my eyes. Not smart, I know. My mom would have a field day with this story. But, I just thought I was experiencing the normal, tired, itchy eyes thing, and I just needed some rest.

With sheer excitement, I decided it was the PERFECT time to break out into a gnarly rash and test some product!

I applied a little dab – all over the rash – and let it glisten my troubles away. The smell is earthy, green, and fresh. It didn’t burn at all and actually soothed the itching quite quickly.  I applied every night and once in the afternoon.  By the third morning the rash was pretty much gone. I couldn’t see it and had to look for one teeny tiny little abrasion still there. Dab! Here’s some more. Be GONE!

This is specially formulated to heal and it does exactly that.

Know someone with eczema that can’t handle the harsh creams from the doctor?  Have a ton of mosquito bites? Dealing with razor burn, breakouts, bug bites, rashes or sunburns?  This balm will take care of it!

Fun Fact!

It’s called a night cream because the thick balm will make the application area shiny and glisten. But if you’re like me, you won’t care. When applying to your face, you will start your own highlighter fashion trend.

Ingredients and benefits include:

  • Infused oil of locally sourced Yarrow* is a classic herb that has been used to help reduce bleeding and general wound care.
  • Infused oil of ethically wildcrafted Usnea is the long haired looking lichen that you see on trees was added to further the antimicrobial benefits.
  • Frankincense and Helichrysum* essential oils help reduce bleeding, inflammation and  dissipate the pain around the injury plus lessen scarring.
  • Locally sourced Calendula* infused oil was added as a general skin tonic.  Calendula oil has been known to fight infection, protect skin from free radicals, reduce inflammation and breakouts and increases circulation.
  • Myrrh and Lavender* essential oils help with itching caused by a scrape or a bite.
  • A base of unrefined, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Sunflower Seed Oil* and locally sourced Beeswax* base to soften and moisturize the skin.
  • * Denotes Organic

Lavender Eye Pillow Assorted Prints – $10

Relax with a soothing and stylish hand-crafted Floral Lavender Eye Pillow. Based out of California, this weighted cushion is perfect for meditation and yoga sessions, relieving headaches, tension, migraines, or to block the light out for day nappers.

Each box comes with a unique pillow, all hand stitched with a beautiful floral print.  From fun and festive to classic french inspired floral prints, know that yours is unique.

Filled with rice and French lavender floral buds, this weighted eye pillow is the perfect touch to a busy day. Place in the fridge for some cold relief to a hot day or heat in the microwave to soothe aches and pains.

Have a tension headache? Sooth the pain away by placing the pack in the microwave for 15-30 seconds. Let cool and apply over your eyes or your forehead for aromatherapy relief while the weighted pressure releases and comforts.

After heating for a max of 30 seconds, test on your inner arm to make sure the temperature is agreeable. Please DO NOT heat any longer than that or you could scald your skin.

Each bag should remain naturally fragrant for up to one year. Remove the outer bag to hand wash when necessary. And if you feel the fragrance slipping feel free to reach out to Hannah at PeaceLoveCraftDesign and order a new insert.

May the power of flowers be with you!
Nicole Torres

Owner and Creator of Diosa Box

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Instantly Better Skin and Hair with the Luxe Hydration Diosa Box

Hey Diosas!

This month we are inspired by Juturna, the Roman goddess of fountains, wells and springs. She brings “well” wishes, gratitude, and healing through her sacred bodies of water.

The Luxe Hydration Diosa Box is truly a “self-care Sunday” in a box! Make a day of it. Pamper yourself while you dig into that book you’ve been meaning to read. Catch up on your favorite Netflix show. Open that “special” bottle of wine!

We are here to remind you that self care is not selfish, it is a divine responsibility to yourself and to your peace of mind. Self care is more important than ever because we as women are doing more on a daily basis than ever before.

Repose is necessary so we can recharge and keep being the all powerful, amazing, multifaceted, goddesses we can be 🙂 See, J.Lo knows how to do it.

Channeling your inner water goddess is done by enjoying the most luxurious bath ever, right?

What’s better than a luxurious bath? A luxurious coconut milk bath! If you’ve never experienced one, you simply must! If you have, then you know…

Wild Rogue Botanicals – $20

Use code PARTY15 to save 15% off your first order with Wild Rogue Botanicals !  Follow them @wildroguebotanicals

Afternoon Delight is handmade, all natural, vegan, and it smells INCREDIBLE!

With notes of bergamot, lemon, coconut, and vanilla, this coconut milk bath will melt your troubles away and definitely make you feel like an actual water goddess.

This scent out of the jar smells like a perfectly moist and fluffy lemon cake. Seriously, it’s so good you will have to resist the temptation to taste it.

Why Coconut Milk?

Coconut milk is incredibly beneficial for your skin because it has high levels of Vitamin C which helps maintain elasticity and flexibility in skin.

Coconut milk also contains a beneficial fat called lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid (MLFA), also called medium-chain-triglyceride (MCT), which is easily absorbed by the body. These are high in nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6.

Want more? It’s also rich in minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium, selenium, copper, and potassium.

This soak includes Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts), Dead Sea Salts, and Himalayan Pink Salts which help to relieve muscle tension, inflammation in joints, hydrate and balance pH, and aid in circulation as well as detoxifying the body.

If you suffer psoriasis, dermatitis, or eczema coconut milk is great for soothing and calming dry skin. This is not intended as a cure, but it will help soothe the symptoms.

All of those amazing benefits are contained within the fleshy white meat of a mature coconut. We all know how amazing coconut water is, which is the clear liquid found inside the hollow part of a coconut. So this is even better!

Basically, your skin will feel velvety smooth and suck up in all the goodness like a sponge. Who can’t benefit from more moisture in their skin?

  • Add a ¼ cup of soak mix to a warm bath, right before you get in. 
  • Say “Ahhhh…”
  • Enjoy!

TIP: If you want to get fancy or use for a “special occasion” sprinkle fresh rose petals.  Or, apply a facial mask right before you hop in the bathtub and let it set. You can easily and gently remove the mask while in the bath.

Ingredients :
  • Coconut Milk Powder
  • Epsom Salts
  • Dead Sea Salt
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Lavender Flowers
  • Bergamot Essential Oil
  • Pure Vanilla Essential Oil


Hair Love – $20

Use code DIOSABOX20 to save 20% OFF new orders with Cypress SkincareFollow them @cypress_skincare

This product has done wonders for my hair and I truly enjoy the calming process of applying the oil, it’s very Zen in a way.

It allows me to slow down and take care of my hair instead of the crazy mad dash of abuse I put it through before work every morning! If you use a flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer, your hair will thank you for this deep conditioning treatment by Cypress Skin Care. 

Sweet almond oil nourishes and strengthens hair leaving it silky and smooth. Coconut oil stimulates hair growth and relieves scalp dryness while olive oil is just a major rock star moisturizer. 

This blend of pure oils are just the right amount of “hair love”, meaning it won’t leave your hair greasy or heavy after a treatment.

I have fine, wavy hair that rests just above my chest and I was able to section my hair in half then each half into quarter sections and apply in about 7 minutes.

Should I upload a video? Let me know if that is something you would like to see now or in the future!


  • Section your hair in half and then split each half into quarter sections.
  • Spray 1 pump into to the palm of your hand and massage into your hair working your way from the scalp to the ends. Especially the ends!
  • Apply enough to coat all of your hair. You’ll want it coated but not dripping.
  • Once coated, comb your hair back and tie into a loose bun, securing it with a hair clip. If your hair is short, a headband or bobby pin should work fine to secure any stray hairs away from your face.
  • Set a timer for 1 hour or more.
  • Shampoo your hair like normal. You’ll want to get the oil out and rinse well.
  • Style and dry like normal.

After I shampooed and air dried my hair, it was the softest and shiniest I have seen it since I was little girl. Plus NO FRIZ!

If you have frizzy hair, curls or waves, applying one pump to your hands and massaging into your hair ends after a shower will work wonders and help set your curls without the frizz. It’s best to avoid the scalp and hairline, applying only to the ends as if you were prepping your hair for a ponytail.

Since everyone’s hair is different, you will want to play with the amount you use so you can find what works best for your hair. As always with any oil product, start with a tiny bit and increase the amount as needed.

  • Almond Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Orange Essential Oil

TIP: Apply this hair treatment an hour before you a bathe with the Afternoon Delight Coconut Milk Soak and shampoo before you do a final rinse.

Rose + Himalayan Salt Hydrating Facial Toner –  $14.99

Use code WELCOME15 to save 15% off your first order with Hebes Apothecary!

Follow them @hebesapothecary

We are very much in love with Hebes Apothecarys simple and elegant style. In case you haven’t noticed, we LOVE clean and modern packaging! 

The main ingredient in this toner is actually aloe vera juice, not rose water. As kids, my cousins and I healed our scrapes and cuts by snapping off an end of the aloe plants in my Grandma’s garden to heal quickly and avoid scars.

So when I came across this toner I had to give it a try.

Aloe has been used in various different ways because of its many, many benefits – from healing burns and fighting acne to strengthening hair and supporting a healthy digestive system via tasty drinks!

In addition to aloe juice, rose water distillate and coconut water comprise the base of this concoction because these ingredients are extremely hydrating and have long been known as anti-aging ingredients.

Hibiscus flower extract brightens and refines the skin and the Himalayan pink salt shrinks pores and preps the skin for the next steps of your skin care regimen. This amazing concoction will leave your skin clean and hydrated while the aloe cleanses and fights bacteria.

In addition to tightening pores, himalayan salt will also cleanse your skin on a deeper level, helping to clear your complexion and soothe irritation…Anyone experiencing adult acne?!  

The rose water, coconut water, and vegetable glycerine will keep your skin nice and moisturized while the above ingredients get to work. A couple of spritzes will transform lackluster skin into bright and hydrated skin!

FUN FACT: Hebes Apothecary is run and created by the only male skin care owner that’s ever featured in Diosa Box. What started as a bad case of teenage acne turned into plant based solutions inspired by HIS grandma’s aloe recipes.

Grandma’s apparently really love aloe. Wise Goddess Women.

TIP: Apply a few spritz right before you apply the Nourish Facial Serum. The toner will help the oil glide over your skin and help your skin absorb more of it so that a little goes a long way.


  • Aloe Leaf Juice
  • Rose Water
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Coconut Water
  • Himalayan Pink Salt,
  • Hibiscus Flower Extract


If water is life, than oil is liquid gold.

Nourish Facial Serum – $13.99

Diosa members can pick up Nourish from our shop and save 15% OFF, no code needed!  Follow them @queencityalchemy 

Queen City Alchemy has been a Diosa fan favorite so we are thrilled to see them back with the Nourish Facial Serum.

Nourish Facial Serum is just amazing, pure and simple. If you are not using a serum as a moisturizer it’s an excellent addition to your daily skin care regimen.

  • Jojoba Oil’s moisturizing and healing benefits make it ideal for just about any skin type. Because it is so similar to the oils that our bodies naturally make, it is easily absorbed leaving skin feeling hydrated but not greasy
  • Argan Oil is often referred to as “liquid gold”. Comprised of approximately 80% fatty acids as well as a high content of vitamin E, argan oil gives skin a natural boost while hydrating and softening.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil is a light and thin oil, making it a fantastic emollient which won’t clog your pores. It also contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, soothing skin and preventing free-radical damage
  • Rosehip Seed Oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids known to hydrate and rejuvenate dry skin.
  • Geranium Essential Oil was commonly used by the Egyptians for beautiful and radiant skin. We now also know that geranium essential oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory that can help provide balance to your hormones, and can even alleviate symptoms of anxiety
  • Rose Essential Oil is one of the very best essential oils to give you fresh and glowing skin. Rose promotes blood circulation and even contains antiseptic and antiviral properties.
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil provides a toning and balancing effect. Generally regarded as safe for all skin types, ylang ylang is a powerful moisturizing agent to revitalize your skin.

These high quality oils are sure to nourish your skin, leaving you touchably smooth and supple.

TIP : Use this after applying toner. Apply a few drops to your  fingertips and spread evenly across your face. Depending on your skin’s moisture levels you will need to adjust. For normal skin start with 4 then add another drop in places that get really dry.

What’s great is this blend absorbs and doesn’t leave you greasy. If you do feel greasy even after 15 minutes, you’ve put too much. Lightly blot off excess and adjust amount on your next application.


Mai Tai Lip Scrub – $9.50

Use code DIOSBOX to get 15% off your next purchase with NaturalAnnie Essentials.   Follow them @naturalannieessentials

This lip scrub is AMAZING and it tastes great… although it’s recommended you DO NOT EAT it. It’s all natural of course, so it’s safe and won’t taste bad if it does happen to get in your mouth. I am totally in love with the packaging as well, and Annie’s Jamaican roots really shine through with the vibrant and tropical colors!  

NaturalAnnie Essentials is a natural bath and body company created by Annie in 2014 out of a desperate need to bring relief her daughter’s skin.

All her products are made in small batches in Annie’s home studio and are uniquely blended with pure essential oils, natural butters and infused herbal oils. They contain no nasty chemicals- no parabens, no sulfates, no phthalates, no weird dyes or fake perfumes, and the products are never test on animals.

All products are designed to be simple, easy to use, and super effective. Exactly how we like it!


  • Wet your lips and apply a very small amount to lips.
  • Pucker up and rub gently in circular motions directly on your lips and around the edges.
  • Then give a big smile and rub on the inner part of your lip where dry skin tends to accumulate.
  • Gently rub in circular motions for about 30 second; 1 minute is plenty.
  • Rinse your mouth with water and pat dry.

Presto! You’ve now got hydrated, kissably smooth lips!

Be sure to share your beautiful kiss pics with us on Instagram by tagging us @diosabox @naturalannieessentials


FUN FACT:  Last November, NaturalAnnie Essentials was featured as one of the 9 Black Owned Body & Skincare Alternatives to Lush by The Mane Objective. That means Naturalannie Essentials is as good (or better, as we are told in the blog post) than the corporate giant, Lush. We believe in supporting small businesses because we believe there are amazing people out there making amazing products that just haven’t been found yet. We love that each item is made in small batches by a woman living her dreams and her truth.


  • Pure Sugar
  • Shea Butter
  • Herb Infused Olive Oil
  • Beet Root Powder
  • All Natural Flavor

We all want great skin and fabulous hair, right?

Now, you can have it all delivered in one convenient and affordable gift box! If you’d like to experience more of these amazing products, you can order directly from us, here while supplies last.

Diosa members always save 15% off single items in our shop!

Not a Diosa Box subscriber yet?

Sign up here by April 31st to reserve your box for May… Just in time for Mother’s Day! Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter to get discount codes and coupons for next month! 

Our May Flowers box will feature the best flower products and naturally scented floral products!

All the power of Luxe Hydration to you!


Nicole Torres, Creator of Diosa Box

Let’s Welcome the Sacred Sunshine! Full Review



We all know that a woman’s job is never done. There is always something to do on that darn To-Do list. If you are the type of gal who has a lot going on, you may find it difficult to wind down at the end of the night.  Speaking from experience, there have been many a night when the “monkey mind” just won’t simmer down. To state the obvious: falling asleep is HARD.

Self care comes in many different ways, and sleep is a big way you can help yourself be your best self. If you haven’t already tried, we encourage you to try meditating in the evenings right before bed. Meditation has been known to increase alertness, slow the signs of aging, increase overall happiness by way of self-awareness and acceptance, and a slew of other benefits that merit a Google search. In a nutshell, once you get this practice down, you will LOVE it!

In honor of the sacred sleep practice we have put together a couple of tools to help you develop a great bedtime ritual or enhance the one you already practice. After each of the tools have been highlighted, we lay out 6 steps for creating a bedtime ritual that can help you shift into a calmer state of mind.

Smudging Kit – California sage and abalone shell – Retail $20 

When you need to wash away the worries of the day, burning sage is an instant mood changer. People have been burning sage for centuries because of its healing and cleansing power. Burning sage can be part of an elaborate ritual or very simple. It’s really up to the user. What is super important is to set a clear intention before you light the sage. Whether it’s to revitalize the energy in your home or to cleanse your aura or someone else’s, be sure to set the intention before you burn your sage.

  • Burn prior to meditation or prayer.
  • To burn small amounts before a short ritual or achieve a light aroma, break off small pieces and place in the abalone shell.
  • Arrange the leaves into a small pile and light the dry leaves directly. The flame will go out and they’ll start to smoke.

  • To cleanse your home or get a more robust aroma, light the tip and blow out immediately.
  • Set the smoking end inside the shell holder and let the aroma fill the air. A little smoke goes a long way.

To cleanse your home start at the farthest corner of your home and go through each room to cleanse the energy. Remember to set the intention for a home cleansing before you start and hold on to that intention throughout.

Guide the smoke through each corner and work your way out of the room and move on to the next. Imagine you are gathering all the energy and sweeping it out the door. Repeat this process for all rooms until you end up at the front door. Return the ashes to the Earth after your ceremony has ended.

To care for your abalone shell just clean out with a damp paper towel. Do not use any harsh cleaners as this could strip the coating and weaken the shell’s surface.

To learn more about the sacred home cleansing practice, click here.

Each kit was handmade and sourced with love, right here in California.



Clear Quartz Crystal – Retail $12

A must have in every crystal collection! This crystal is loved for its healing and energy regulating properties. Hold onto this crystal while meditating, praying, or manifesting. Keep in your home or office to clear negative energy, physical or emotional. To recharge its power, place your crystal on a windowsill under the full moon. Each one of our subscribers gets a unique crystal that was personally cleansed and charged under the full moon! Below is a guide on using your crystal and smudge kit together. 

Follow these 6 steps to create a bedtime ritual that helps you shift into a calmer state of mind:

1. Make sure your phone is off or on “do not disturb mode” and away from your body.

2. Light a candle and turn off the lights.

3. Mentally or verbally, set the intention for a calm state of mind. You can say anything you’re move to say, but something like this could work:

“I am grateful for this day. I am releasing any thoughts that do not serve me while I prepare for a good night’s rest.”

4. Burn some of your sage or palo santo.

While you take in the aroma and your eyes adjust, your mind is experiencing sensory changes that are paired with mental and and soon physical changes. This is a very powerful and subtle detail that is worth mentioning. You are essentially training your mind to behave a certain way after you prepare for meditation. Each time you do this it will become easier to switch your mind into this mode.

5. Sit or lie down with your crystal in hand. The crystal helps to magnify any intentions set by the owner.

6. Close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose and feel yourself growing tall will your first slow inhale.  Exhale slowly through your mouth. Imagine you are blowing away all the troubles of your day. Repeat this step 10 more times. If you lose count it’s ok. Stop once you feel like you are ready.

Once you feel like you are calm and relaxed, say thank you and blow out your candle. Hope into bed and rest well. DO NOT pick up your phone or check it. You can do it!



Wake up to the eye opening aroma of citrus and grapefruit in the shower! This is magic in a jar; full of hydrating oils and gentle exfoliating rose kaolin clay. Removes impurities while revealing healthy, radiant skin. Perfect for showing off this dress season.

We are really loving the Wild Sprout, and we hope you do to! Be sure to check out some of her other products here.

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Organic, Fair-Trade Certified, & Non-GMO ingredients
  • Handmade in small batches in Oklahoma
  • Virgin coconut oil *
  • Pure cane sugar *
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Rose kaolin clay
  • Grapefruit essential oil *
  • Vitamin E Oil: It is essential for healthy skin growth, repair, and protection. In addition, Vitamin E oil prevents against premature aging and wrinkling of the skin.
  • Coconut Oil: Contains saturated fats which help to keep the skin smooth to the touch. Coconut oil also helps the skin retain it’s moisture content.

Invigorate with green tea energy! This is a staple here at Diosa HQ because it’s healthy, tasty and keeps us going. A powerful alternative to coffee that’s loaded with antioxidants, keeps your weight in check (bonus!), keeps free radicals at bay, lowers blood pressure, and even kills cancer cells! 

We decided to add a little variety this month, piggybacking on the white OR turquoise bracelet option we featured last month from Salt and Spice.  You will either get the Green Tea Energy blend or the Green Tea Antioxidant blend. BOTH are so amazing and wonderful to drink mid-day.

What’s great about these teas is they are strong enough to make as an iced tea! Just make a hot cup of tea like normal. In another glass or tall cup, fill it to the top with ice cubes. Once the tea has cooled to about room temperature, pour the tea over ice and enjoy!



It seems you can’t look through Instagram or Facebook without seeing essential oils everywhere! We love them as much as the next gal, so we wanted something effective, versatile and of course, stylish. Rowsie Vain has an incredible aesthetic and the “less is more” look that we are so in love with. If you haven’t seen her around check out on on instagram a @rowsievain. The RISE/SHINE blend was made in partnership with Rosie Vain to boost your mood and brighten your day with the magic of essential oils. 

This delicate oil blend rolls on smooth without a greasy residue. Although it can smell one way when you sniff the roller ball, it has a completely different scent after the oils have blended with your own unique body chemistry. What first smells floral turns into a mild sweet and citrus scent. The pop of orange and grapefruit is perfect for perking you up when you feel the 3:30 yawns coming on.

Ingredients and benefits:
  • Sunflower oil, used as a carrier oil to dilute the other essential oils. It has a light scent, is easily absorbed and leaves very little oily residue.
  • Calendula flower petals, which were hand picked, dried, and placed in the tube one at a time.
  • Essential oils (EO) of pink grapefruit has a bright, clean scent that promotes balance from everyday mental fatigue, tension, and stress.
  • EO of honeysuckle, which is well known for its sweet and long lasting fragrance.
  • EO of lemon has a citrusy and sharp aroma that can rejuvenate your mood and promote healthy function of your urinary and digestive systems.
  • EO of sweet orange peel can help to clear stagnant thoughts, reduce nervousness and anxiety, and strengthen your focus.
  • EO of lime is another great mood booster with bright citrus notes that aids in refreshing a tired and listless mind. Great for increasing concentration, relieving nervous tension, and feelings of lethargy.
  • EO of litsea has a lemony and medium fruity fragrance that can help deepen your breathing while letting go of nervous exhaustion and tension.
  • EO of mandarin helps to calm the nervous system and uplift the mood while relieving tension and promoting feelings of calmness.



A delicious smelling toner that uplifts the spirit and leaves your skin bright and clean. This evening toner is perfect for brightening complexion, tightening pores and a great prep before moisturizing. This batch was custom made for Diosa Box without the use of preservatives to maintain our all natural ingredient standards. That is something we are really enjoying about working with smaller businesses. The attention to detail and customer satisfaction is amazing! We hope to find more makers that are willing to work with us on this and hopefully, more and more self care items will ride the wave of 100% natural!

Besides the amazing smell, this toner is a wonderful way to remove the last bits of dirt and makeup from your face after cleansing.  Unfortunately this size didn’t come with a spritzer, but if you can get your hands on one that fits, it’s pretty refreshing right after a wash.  Otherwise you can use with a cotton ball and gently apply with a cotton ball. Because this is a citrus based we recommend testing on your skin to test for any skin sensitivity. The citrus may tingle a little bit, but it should feel cool and refreshing.

A toner like this is good for cleansing more so than moisturizing, so be sure to follow with a rich night time face cream or oil. We are still very much in love with the Nourish facial serum from Queen City Alchemy. You can order one from our one time shop, and members save 15% on all single purchase items.

Ingredients & Benefits :
  • Distilled water
  • Witch hazel,
  • Lemon essential oil**
  • Rosemary essential oil, lave
  • Shrinks pores
  • Balances skin pH levels
  • Removes traces of grime, dirt, and oil that cleansing often misses. (Especially helpful if you wear makeup!)
  • Refreshes the skin

As instructed on the bottle, this is recommended for nighttime use due to the citrus essential oils in the toner. Some people may experience more sensitivity to the sun after using citrus oils on your skin. So, it’s just safer to use at night to avoid any risk of sun damage to your skin.

To learn more about The Pines Apothecary, check out her Etsy store here.

We hope you enjoy your Sacred Sunshine Diosa Box this month! Let us know what your favorite item was or say hi in the comments below! We love to hear from you and appreciate the feedback 🙂

Love and Light,

Nicole, Creator of Diosa Box

Unleash Your Inner Shakti With the Sacred Sunshine Diosa Box

S A C R E D   S U N S H I N E  

S A C R E D   S U N S H I N E 

Sometimes everything  just lines up for us when assembling  these boxes, and boy did the stars align for us on this one! A lunar eclipse on the 10th and a solar eclipse this Sunday the 28th during a New Moon!? And all while in the magical house of mystical Pieces. What a perfect time to reveal our theme and let you in on the magical inspiration for the all the awesome goodies you’ll find inside the Sacred Sunshine Diosa Box!

We are approaching the Vernal Equinox, which will fall on March 20th. You’ll have your boxes by then, and hopefully will have started enjoying most of your items and beginning to form a new self care ritual. During this Equinox, the Earth experiences a fresh energy that takes us into a new season and showers us with nature’s beauty. By harnessing its power we can look to the future with hope.

For this reason, We chose the Hindu Goddess Shakti to be our Goddess for the Month of March. Shakti manifests energy and creation. She encourages balance and wisdom. She is the first, the mother, and the sacred light that generates life.

We’ve curated 7 full-size items (yep 7! but one item is a kit and it has two pieces)  to get you in touch with your inner Goddess Shakti, so you can create a space of pure positive energy, invigorate your body, and feel radiantly beautiful as you enter into Spring!  We hope this month’s curation inspires you to go outside, mingle, (ahem, flirt), create, be playful, and take in all the beautiful life that this sacred sunshine is creating.

With Shakti as your inspiration, you will be a giver of life and an agent of change.


S A C R E D   G E O M E T R Y

The symbol we used for this month’s theme is also important, because to me, it visually connects with Shakti, who is believed to be the mother or “womb of the Universe”.  This design is called the Vesica of Pisces. (The fact that we are in the house of pisces now is just a magical coincidence!) It’s comprised of two circles overlapping each other, aligning the edge of one circle to the center point of the other. In the overlap there are a few shapes that represent the start or the beginning of life, which is why this is also referred to as “the seed of life.”

Ancient religions and cultures, like the Egyptians and Greeks, have used this as the foundation of their art and design like the Christian fish symbol. Back in those days numbers and math was the driving force behind these societies and explained everything from music to written language, and was considered sacred. Pythagoras, most commonly known for the pythagorean theorem, was the father of geometry and said:

Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.

–  Pythagoras

From the honeycomb to the daisy, the scales on a fish and even trees, everything can be broken down with math and geometric patterns. …Well that got nerdy quick! I could do an entire post about this another time. Should I?!  Hopefully this may spark an interest in something new and fascinating.  And, if you want more, or just love Donald Duck as much as I do, I HIGHLY suggest watching this classic, where Donald Duck gets schooled on sacred geometry in “MATHMAGICLAND” – So good.


S O L A R   E C L I P S E  +  N E W M O O N  =  F E B   2 8 T H   2 0 1 7

NASA via The Washington Post – “Ring of Fire” Eclipse


S O L A R   E C L I P S E  +  N E W M O O N  =  F E B  2 8 T H ,  2 0 1 7

The solar eclipse that is taking place this sunday occurs during the rise of the new moon, a time that we honor and love all on its own. A new moon combined with the solar eclipse is just plain cool! So get those intentions ready for the new month ahead! 

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see the actual eclipse on this side of the world but thank goodness for internet and live feeds right? 

Watch a LIVE stream of the solar eclipse here:

Since the eclipse is only visible in the areas of South America and Africa, be sure to check the corresponding time in your local region.  

The moon will pass in front of the sun on February 26, leaving a small halo of light around it. The natural event will start in Chile and be seen across parts of southern South America in the morning. It will then be visible across the South Atlantic Ocean and will end in south-western Africa at sunset. 

Get your soul and your skin ready for Spring!

Sign up for the March Sacred Sunshine Box soon, we only have a few boxes left for new subscribers. Estimated retail value at $75 for only $49.99. Each product is all natural, safe and effective, free of parabens, mineral oils, or SLS.


Love and Beauty – Full Review

It’s time for some EPIC Self-Love, Diosas!

What better way to celebrate the season of love than with the ultimate self-care gift box? Perfect for enjoying on your own time or for showing someone how much you care about them!

Our Love and Beauty Diosa Box was inspired by the goddess Aphrodite, who is the embodiment of self-love. We invite you to take some time for yourself to relax, pamper, and love your body with these amazing all natural and organic wellness items. Hope you enjoy this month’s curation!

Click on the product title to shop at a lower price! 
Raw Love Chocolate Bar – Retail $3.33

We normally do 6 products a box but we just HAD to have chocolate in this box! Forget our profit margins, we couldn’t do a self-love box in February without it. We are not animals!

We can all agree that there is something incredibly luscious and well, sexy about chocolate. In all my years I’ve never met anyone make chocolate sexy the way Lulu of Lulu’s Chocolate does. Just look at that picture above?!

I discovered this tiny chocolatier in the magical desert of Sedona, Arizona.What’s incredible about this chocolate is that Lulu herself developed this specific kind of chocolate out of NECESSITY! When the proclaimed chocoholic decided she had to give up sugar, she knew she had to find an alternative. Because no one should live without chocolate.

Lulu’s Artisan Chocolate specializes in wild harvested, heirloom and unroasted ecuadorian cacao and lightly sweetened with coconut sugar, so this is very low on the glycemic index. Lulu is bridging the gap between gourmet and truly healthy chocolate, one bar at a time. Pairs perfectly with a glass of bold, semi-sweet red wine. These are scoring high for us!

Follow Lulu at @luluschocolate and be tempted with every post or head over to her site to discover new flavors. Check out her Edible Chocolate Body Butter…Yep, that’s a thing 😉

NeoCell Collagen +  C Supplement – Retail $17

Prevent and repair the signs of aging by replenishing your body’s natural collagen supply. Collagen is the 2nd largest substance in our bodies after water, supporting our skin, ligaments, bones, hair and nails. Did you know that after the age of 25, women lose about 1.5% of our natural collagen supply a year ? That means by age 40 we will have lost 25% and by the time we are 65 years old we will have lost more than 50% of our bodies’ collagen supply! Loss of collagen  is the leading cause of wrinkles, saggy skin and achy joints. Taking a collagen supplement is like moisturizing your skin and joints from within. We are quite literally delivering on our commitment to keep you “beautiful from in the inside out!”

After taking Super Collagen + C for about 2 weeks, you will start to notice a change in your nails first, since they grow much faster than your hair. Your hair will take a little longer to show effects but you will begin to grow stronger and shinier hair strands. The best and most noticeable effect will be seen in your face. Wrinkle lines will start to fill in and your skin will look more hydrated. Increased circulation and cell production creates a healthy flush in skin tone. Obviously, everyone’s results will differ, but we but we guarantee you will see positive results in one way or another.

We are now an official distributor of this product so when you are ready for a refill, head to our shop, where we are selling this amazing product for only $15. Much cheaper than retailers and better than Amazon!

NeoCell was awarded the 2012 “Best of Supplements” by Better Nutrition and is the leader in all natural and non-gmo collagen production. So you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality product. Each tablet contains 6,000 mg of collagen type 1 & 3 (the kind needed for beautiful skin) and Vitamin C, essential in collagen production. The actual collagen is carefully sourced food-grade raw materials from grass fed bovine. So if  you do not consume animal products this may not be the supplement for you. We do encourage you to learn more about collagen production in the body and the many benefits here or you can watch this informative video.


For best results (better absorption) we recommend taking 3 tablets before breakfast on an empty stomach and 3 at night before dinner. The recommended serving is 6 tablets but I found it much more manageable to take half at a time.

Salt and Spice Bracelet – Retail $15

Some of you may not know this, but Diosa Box is founded on a core mission of female empowerment. It’s never been a better time to be a woman! More and more women are taking charge of their personal and financial future by becoming entrepreneurs and we do our best to buy products created by women and introduce them to you. A big part of the curation process that I LOVE is getting to know the women we work with and their stories. The women at Salt and Spice Jewelry are a great example of what women can do when we support each other.

Salt and Spice Jewelry is a collaboration between Melissa and Kelley, a sister team of jewelry makers, and craftswomen in the southeastern coast of India. This union allows the craftswomen in India to share their art with the world and employ other women to help manufacture the jewelry, making their very own small business. Talk about paying it forward, right? In addition, Salt and Spice Jewelry contributes a portion of their proceeds directly to charities in the communities they serve in India and the United States.

It’s been such a pleasure working with this team of talented women and we hope you love your new beautiful handmade bracelet. We added a white or turquoise bracelet to each box, which one did you get?! Tell us what you think in the comments section.

Click here to learn more about Salt and  Spice Jewelry!

Santosh Didi is a lead artisan. She is an amazing woman and wonderful soul.  Through her employment she is able to send her daughters to school, and give them the education to change their lives.


Extreme Caffeine Under Eye Cream – Retail $9.99 

This stuff is amazing! An all natural de-puffing treatment made with 100% organic Brazilian coffee and the extra power of green tea to quickly enliven your eyes. Caffeine is well known to reduce puffiness and inflammation of the skin, as well as reduce dark circles. A must have for all goddesses. 

There are so many eye creams it’s hard to know what to pick! And if you have sensitive skin, it’s almost impossible to find something effective that won’t burn or do more harm to delicate under eye skin. Finding a toxin free, all natural under eye cream has been a goal for us and we’re able to support a small business while we’re at it!

A little goes a long way so use it sparingly by applying a tiny amount to your ring finger, tapping under your eyes and smoothing over your top lid. Cure puffy eyes due to lack of sleep, crying, bloating…and all those other wonderful things that make us look less than fabulous. You will literally feel it working as it slightly tingles, but you shouldn’t feel any burning. If you do, you may have extremely sensitive skin. So, as always, we recommend spot testing before a full application. 

Wild Appalachian is the brainchild of Amanda and Walt, who started making all natural salves and ointments to relieve their baby boy of his itchy, rashy skin. Like most resourceful moms, when your baby is in pain or hurting, you will stop at nothing to find a solution. That solution came in what is now a Manuka Salve, Amanda’s first and best selling product. As she perfected her formulas Amanda branched out to more complex ingredients that targeted specific requests for her customers.

We are so happy to have found this little gem and have a few left in stock, so don’t forget to come back to our shop for refills and gifts for friends! 

Ingredients: *Aloe Vera Juice, *Grape Seed Oil, *Mango Butter, *Cherry Kernel Oil, E-wax, Stearic acid, *Cucumber extracted in non GMO kosher glycerin, *Elderberry Extract, *Coffee Butter, *Castor Seed Oil, *Beeswax, *Green Tea Extract, Sunflower derived natural Vitamin E, *Coffee Bean Essential Oil, EcoCert Preservative: Gluconolactone + Sodium Benzoate (EcoCert all natural preservative)

*Denotes Certified Organic Ingredient

To learn more about Wild Appalachian and discover more products, head over to their Etsy store, and keep an eye out for her new website and online store! Congrats Wild Appalachian!

Vanilla Honeysuckle Body Oil – Retail $25

Urb Apothecary is one of California’s hottest beauty brands. Everything is handcrafted with love and the specific intention to be all-natural, safe, and effective. This apothecary gem is pioneered by Leyna, a native Californian who has a passion for nature and the healing properties of plants and herbs. Every creation is a perfect Diosa Box product since each one is made with the highest quality organic ingredients and is cruelty-free, SLS-free, paraben-free, and with zero preservatives or added chemicals.

As a result, of course, this luscious Vanilla Honeysuckle Body Oil is to die for! You will be whisked away to fields of honeysuckle surrounded by the warm spice of vanilla musk. Enjoy this little number in a hot bath, post-shower or as sensual massage oil.

FUN FACT!  Vanilla and honeysuckle are both iconic symbols and aromas of love. Women used to weave vanilla bean pods into their hair to attract lovers and honeysuckle blossom resemble lovers in an amorous embrace.

LOVE – Pop-Open Cards – Retail $6.95

Pop-Open Cards are a sweet and subtle way to share the love and bring a big smile to someone’s face, even if it’s your own. Outside, you’ll find elegant designs to brighten your spirits and catch your attention. Inside, you’ll find timeless messages of inspiration to capture your heart. Remember love is always within reach.

LOVE cards are Great for the office, hidden in a shirt pocket, inside a kid’s lunchbox, or left for someone who could use an uplifting message. Open a card whenever you need to remember just what love can do, or to remind someone of how much their heart can hold. Check out this cute video of Pop-Open Cards in action!

KAYA Flower Facial Steam – Retail $6

We’ve all taken a trip to the sauna to detox our skin, but have you ever tried a flower facial steam? I will tell you right now, it’s pure magic.  A scoop of flowers and some boiling water turn an average facial steam into a fragrant and perfectly feminine experience. Enjoy cleansing away impurities with flowers and healing herbs, carefully made with love, by Kaya Soaps.

Ingredients include rose petals, blue cornflowers, calendula petals, lavender, lemon verbena, peppermint & comfrey leaves, and chamomile & hibiscus flower blossoms.  When you are done with the facial steam, use the fresh floral water to mix up a Green Goddess Clay Mask. We call that a Win-Win.

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Self-Love is the best love! Love your selves unapologetically.

Nicole and Amanda
Creators of Diosa Box

Love & Beauty Diosa Box Super Sneak Peek!

Hello beautiful Diosas!

It’s the time of year when kitschy heart-shaped everythings appear in every direction you look. And if you’re like us, it brings up a mixed bag of emotions. Thankfully, our “Love and Beauty” box is the polar opposite of plastic roses and cheap chocolate.

We made sure this box would be loved by every woman during this time of year! No need to wait around for someone else to make you feel special. We searched high and low for the perfect combination of luxurious self care to make you feel oh-so-beautiful! Self Care rituals should be something you look forward to while you reap the benefits to your overall health and well-being.

With just ONE day away from February, we wanted to share our excitement and show you a sneak peek of what’s in store. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, don’t wait too long. Because these special boxes will sell out fast!

Vanilla Honeysuckle Body Oil – Retail $25

Vanilla Honeysuckle Body Oil from Urb Apothecary – Retail $25

Urb Apothecary is one of California’s hottest beauty brands. Everything is handcrafted with love and the specific intention to be all-natural, safe, and effective. This apothecary gem is pioneered by Leyna, a native Californian who has a passion for nature and the healing properties of plants and herbs. Every product is a perfect Diosa Box products as each one is made with the highest quality organic ingredients and is cruelty-free, SLS-free, paraben-free, and with zero preservatives or added chemicals.

As a result, of course, this luscious Vanilla Honeysuckle Body Oil is to die for! You will be whisked away to fields of honeysuckle surrounded by the warm spice of vanilla musk. Enjoy this little number in a hot bath, post-shower or as sensual massage oil.

FUN FACT!  Vanilla and honeysuckle are both iconic symbols and aromas of love. Women used to weave vanilla bean pods into their hair to attract lovers and honeysuckle blossom resemble lovers in an amorous embrace.

LOVE – Pop-Open Cards – Retail $6.95

LOVE Pop-Cards – Retail $6.95

Pop-Open Cards are a sweet and subtle way to share the love and bring a big smile to someone’s face, even if it’s your own. Outside, you’ll find elegant designs to brighten your spirits and catch your attention. Inside, you’ll find timeless messages of inspiration to capture your heart. Remember love is always within reach.

LOVE cards are Great for the office, hidden in a shirt pocket, inside a kid’s lunchbox, or left for someone who could use an uplifting message. Open a card whenever you need to remember just what love can do, or to remind someone of how much their heart can hold. Check out this cute video of Pop-Open Cards in action!

KAYA Flower Facial Steam – Retail $6

Kaya Floral Facial Steam – Retail $6

We’ve all taken a trip to the sauna to detox our skin, but have you ever tried a flower facial steam? I will tell you right now, it’s pure magic.  A scoop of flowers and some boiling water turn an average facial steam into a fragrant and perfectly feminine experience. Enjoy cleansing away impurities with flowers and healing herbs, carefully made with love, by Kaya Soaps.

Ingredients include rose petals, blue cornflowers, calendula petals, lavender, lemon verbena, peppermint & comfrey leaves, and chamomile & hibiscus flower blossoms.  When you are done with the facial steam, use the fresh floral water to mix up a Green Goddess Clay Mask. We call that a Win-Win.

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Self-Love is the best love!


Nicole and Amanda
Creators of Diosa Box


Happy Holidays, Diosas!

Another new month, another new way to love and pamper yourself!  This month we have paired SIX all natural and organic FULL SIZE items to help you enjoy, relax and recover this month! Our theme this month was inspired by LAETITIA – The Roman Goddess of joy, gaiety, and celebration, and is especially linked with holidays and festivals, which is why we chose her!  

Below is a little more about the items we chose for you this month. We hope you love it as much as we do! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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La Lueur Luxury Soy Candle – $23


This hand poured soy candle lets you celebrate the magic of Christmas all year round!  This scent is called Blue Spruce and it is perfectly light and fresh with top notes of pine needles, spearmint, evergreen, and spruce. Middle notes of cinnamon, cypress, lemon, and base notes of moss, musk, sandalwood, and cedarwood. What is great is that the scent is not overpowering. 

We loved burning this candle while soaking in a hot bath with Moon Body Soul’s Moon Dust! These candles are pure soy and free of harmful chemicals so can burn these candles without the worry of breathing in anything gross or toxic!

Tip: Be sure to trim the char off the wick when you relight the candle. Glass can get hot so be sure to use protection when moving the candle while it’s hot.

Moon Dust by Moon Body Soul – $9


A completely natural meditative bath soak. This fizzy bath soak promotes relaxation & detoxification.  Unlike other bath soaks, Moon Dust is made with only the best stuff Mother Nature has to offer with no fillers, dyes or synthetic fragrances! Use this soak to calm your nerves, detoxify your skin and magically release the tension in your body & mind. Perfect after a night of dancing to soothe those achy feet. You will be floating on air after a soak with Moon Dust. 

Ingredients and benefits:

  • The sodium bicarbonate is made from natural deposits and is extracted by a simple water process that uses no chemicals.
  • The Citric Acid is 100% pure & natural with no use of GMOs.
  • Organic Coconut Oil and  100% Vitamin E Oil is added for super hydrating power. 
  • The added healing power of Magnesium Sulfate will soothe your muscles.
  • A signature “Moon Scent” is infused with 100% Vanilla Absolute Essential Oil & 100% Lavender Essential Oil for a calming and meditative bath experience.
  • Topped off with culinary grade dried Rosebuds & Petals for an exceptionally exotic bathing experience. Let them float in the water or use them to gently exfoliate your skin.

Fig & Honey Lip Balm by Farmstead Apothecary – $5.99


Chapped lips don’t stand a chance against this soothing and hydrating lip balm. Formulated with the purest blend of organic shea butter and coconut oil for a smooth and silky balm that your lips can easily absorb. Tastes like sweet honey and figs picked fresh from the farm!

Since this arrived on our doorstep it has not left our sides! We love this giant lip balm! It truly has saved my dry and flaky lips. Every winter it seems like the little kid with a red ring around her mouth wants to reappear. Not this winter!

In addition to being all natural, this balm is packaged in 100% biodegradable paper tubes, for the nature lover in all of us. Hooray for Sustainability!

Party Detox from Herbal Zap – $15.99


The Party Detox herbal blend is for those times when we overindulge in one way or another. Yes, it is great for the morning after a bit of boozy night, but it is also great for when you have overdone it with food, lack of sleep or whatever your party time included.  Overall, this is a GREAT item to have in stock around the house.

This stuff truly works! When the day came that we needed to test it out we agreed that after drinking the mix the hangover feeling starts to fade away. The herbs start to do their job almost immediately and depending on how much you’re hurting, you can usually restore your balance in 1-2 doses a day. (We don’t claim you can drink everything and be fine the next day, standard adult life rules still apply!)

There is a bit of a kick to these packs, hence the “ZAP” in the Herbal Zap name, but you easily get use to it and the bite means it’s working, right?! However, if the zap is too strong you can always water it down as needed and it’s still as effective. The flavor profile is close to a slightly sweetened ginger tea.

This box contains 10 packets and each packet of Party Detox uses the power of herbs to soothe your stomach and detox your whole system.


Ginger supports digestion and detoxification. Amala and Black pepper are nourishing and detoxifying.  Turmeric is one of nature’s best antioxidants. Coriander is soothing support for the whole body. Key lime which is bound to a small amount of cane sugar are the carriers for the herbal extracts. Nothing else!

Bee Joy from Hallelujah Honey – $6


Hallelujah Honey is owned and operated by Christopher Carlberg and a small team, including his wife, who have made it their life’s mission to save the honey bees!  Hallelujah Honey has teamed up with local organizations and civilians to get petitions enacted to protect honey bees, which we depend on to pollinate crops for food production.  

The mission of Hallelujah Honey is to rescue bees all over southern California and integrate them into new, permanent bee homes. Christopher goes out on bee rescue missions to remove bee hives from people’s homes so they are not exterminated. We were told that he is sometimes called the bee whisperer by local farmers and is so tuned in to his honey bees that he can tell when the queen is present and the overall health of the swarm. AMAZING right!?  When we heard the story behind Hallelujah Honey, and the love that really goes into each jar, we knew we had to help promote their livelihood and that of their wonderful honey bees. They say that happy bees make the best honey and you are sure to taste the difference in this jar of orange blossom Bee Joy honey from Hallelujah Honey!

This specific honey is a perfect addition to teas, holiday desserts, or drizzled over some banana and toast! The perfect breakfast when you’re short on time!



1 piece of whole grain toast

½ a banana sliced

1 Tbs of peanut butter

½ tspn of honey

Pop your bread in the toaster. While you wait, slice the banana into rounds. Once the toast is ready, spread the peanut butter over the toast and top with the banana rounds, spreading them evenly.  Finally, drizzle with honey in a zigzag motion and enjoy!

Check these out!

You can find 15 “Buzzworthy” honey recipes here, courtesy of Southern Living. We are huge fans of pancetta and goat cheese, so the Pancetta Crisps With Goat Cheese and Pear gets our vote! YUM!


And if you’re a fan of bourbon, try this recipe at your next holiday party! Simply, amazing! 

JOY Wall Art & Card – $5.50


This card obviously jumped up at us when we were putting this box together. We will have to update this picture to the framed wall art version so you can see how cute it looks and what our original idea is for this!  During the holidays it is easy to get stressed out or worry about how things “need” to happen.  Just remember to find ways to have fun! Focus on the positive and just go with the flow so you can enjoy more and stress less!

Happy Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!

Love, Team Diosa!

December Theme Revealed!

‘Tis the season for JOY and we’ve teamed up with some AMAZING makers for you this month!


We have paired SIX all natural and organic FULL SIZE items to help you enjoy, relax and recover this month!

Our theme this month was inspired by LAETITIA – The Roman Goddess of joy, gaiety, and celebration, and is especially linked with holidays and festivals, which is why we chose her! This month will be full of dinner parties, holiday parties, family, friends and fun…too much fun sometimes. Not to mention New Year’s Eve! The party to end all parties.

Get your JOY on with Diosa Box ! We already have pre orders in so don’t wait, we will sell out this month! Get in before November 30th to secure the gift that keeps on giving. 

JOY Diosa Box is shipping out the first week of December around the 8th, due to some products arriving later than expected because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks in advance for your patience!