December Theme Revealed!

‘Tis the season for JOY and we’ve teamed up with some AMAZING makers for you this month!


We have paired SIX all natural and organic FULL SIZE items to help you enjoy, relax and recover this month!

Our theme this month was inspired by LAETITIA – The Roman Goddess of joy, gaiety, and celebration, and is especially linked with holidays and festivals, which is why we chose her! This month will be full of dinner parties, holiday parties, family, friends and fun…too much fun sometimes. Not to mention New Year’s Eve! The party to end all parties.

Get your JOY on with Diosa Box ! We already have pre orders in so don’t wait, we will sell out this month! Get in before November 30th to secure the gift that keeps on giving. 

JOY Diosa Box is shipping out the first week of December around the 8th, due to some products arriving later than expected because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks in advance for your patience!

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