Diosa Box Delivers an Ancient Chinese Beauty Secret for Youthful Skin That Lasts

May 2017 Sneak Peek : Flowers & Love Diosa Box Delivers Ancient Beauty Secrets with Kore Herbal Alchemy!

This month we are proud to introduce our feature product by Kore Herbal Alchemy, which specializes in herbal beauty products for skin + spirit.

The Flowers & Love Diosa Box delivers REMEDY, a luxury rose clay mask featuring, rose flower, yarrow, lavender flower, dandelion and a key ingredient that has been used for centuries by royalty and is well known as an ancient Chinese beauty secret.

There are lots of Asian “secrets” to beautiful, youthful skin and Pear Powder is one of them, spanning centuries and across many cultures. Similarly, Latin American women, especially those in coastal regions, used “Nacar” (na-khar) in skin care which is the innermost layer of the nautilus shell.

Pearl powder was actually taken orally for the high vitamin and mineral content by Wu Zetian, the only female empress of China. It’s been said she had youthful complexion well into her 80s!

 While the concept sounds far-fetched—or even inedible—it turns out that the elements that make pearls luminous and strong might, in fact, do the same for the body. The beads are comprised of 30 to 80 percent calcium, a well-established nutrient, and they also contain magnesium, amino acids, and trace minerals… – EVIANA HARTMAN, VOGUE.
REMEDY + FLORAL AND PEARLS facial mask contains the following ingredients with a some powerful benefits:
  • Pearl powder has been used to regenerate collagen and accelerate skin healing. It is high in amino acids and minerals.
  • Pearl powder is believed to tone the skin, diminish aging spots, sun damage and balance discoloration.
  • Rose clay removes impurities and stimulates circulation.
  • Lavender flower is antibacterial and antiinflammatory.
  • Dandelion is a detoxifying herb with high vitamin content to feed the skin.
  • Rose flower is high in vitamin c, toning and astringent meaning it pulls out excess oils.
  • Yarrow is a topical healer and skin repair for any broken skin, eczema or blemishes.
Treat yourself or the  Flower and Love Goddess in your life – just in time for Mother’s Day!

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This Plant Based Magic is Led by Korie Goodman, a Professional Herbalist and Green Beauty Alchemist

As as a child, Korie fell in love with plants when walking the nature trails of her native Pennsylvania.

Being the daughter of an avid gardener, teacher, and folk herbalist, Korie has been learning about plants and their remedies all her life. The early education that started along the creek near her home turned into a lifelong passion for  healing herbs while being a “voice” for the plants or the plants.

“Many people see them as just food or weeds; when in fact; they can heal a scar, repair skin, nourish our bodies and make us smell, feel and look beautiful!” – Kori 

Do Korie and her plants have your attention? They sure have ours! Follow her amazing journey on Instagram @kore.herbal.

Through an immersive visual story you can follow her days in the forests of Portland, Oregon, where she now calls home. She graciously shares recipes and pictures of the new potions she’s creating.

You can also find her hosting workshops that teach other goddesses how to harness the power of plants for beautiful youthful skin. So, if you’re in the Portland area, you should definitely check one out!

Tree foliage is plentiful, grass is tall, buds are open. Be like the bloom and turn your face toward the sun.

The Diosa Box Team

Click here to sign up by April 30th and pre-order your Flowers & Love Diosa Box with free shipping.


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