Summer Saule Diosa Box Will Have You Celebrating Summer In Style!

Summer Solstice has come and gone and it’s officially time to enjoy the longer days outdoors with friends and family, doing the things we love.

So this month, we look to Saulė (SEW-lay), the Baltic goddess of the Sun who bringing life, fertility, warmth, and health.  She is also known as the patron of children, most notably orphaned children.

In fact, the Lithuanian phrase for “a place under the sun” translates to ” vieta po saule”, reminding us that we are all children of the Sun.

Like many other Sun deities, she was honored during summer solstice and revered for the light and life that she brought with her, promising longer days, food from the earth, and new adventures to share with loved ones.

Saulė (Lithuanian: Saulė, Latvian: Saule) is the Baltic Goddess of the sun. Artwork by lombrascura

The legend of Saulė tells of her rising in the East wearing a braid of red fern blossoms, where she would dance and shine on the hilltops in Her silver shoes. At that moment, people would dive into east-flowing streams to bathe themselves in Her light. The women would sing goddess songs know as daina, and make braided wreaths to wear. Finally, everyone would gather around bonfires to sing the night away.

Saulė reminds us to be grateful for the friends and family who love us and help us to self care by enjoying these special moments that create the colorful story of our lives this summer.

If you’re ready to celebrate summer in style, these sneak peaks will get you excited to enjoy some fun in the sun and keep cool!  Hopefully you’ll get to enjoy a few bonfires too…mmmm s’mores!


Label of Love from PleaseNotes – Retail – $14.95 

Label of Love – $14.95

During these hotter days H2o should be your new best friend! So grab your BPA free, reusable glass bottle and stay hydrated while you unlock more abundance, greatness, and joy!

PleaseNotes was started by Cheryl Sutherland, a millennial on a mission to promote, empower, and encourage women to love themselves with inspiration filled notes. In addition, she donates 10% of proceeds to organizations that support other people in creating their dreams! Gotta love that.

Each Diosa will get one surprise theme pack to infuse her water with intention! Each double sided label has a different personal quality or feeling on the front, and an affirmation on the back.

Each pack comes with three semi-permanent labels and a different theme to choose from! (The pictures below have 6 decals only to show the front and back of each decal.)


  • Symbol : Flower of Life
  • Messages : Greatness – I Am Stepping Out In My Greatness!
  • Shine – I Am Shining Bright Today
  • Beauty – I Am Gorgeous Inside And Out



  • Symbol : Lotus Flower
  • Messages : Abundance – I Am Abundant In All Areas of My Life
  • Courage – I Am Choosing To Take Risks And Dare Greatly
  • Confidence – I Am Clear and Confident No Matter What


  • Symbol : Om
  • Messages : Freedom – I Am Living My Life With Grace & Ease
  • Joy –  I Am Feeling Joy In All Situations
  • Love – I Am Giving And Receiving Genuine Love
  •  Each one is 3 x 3 inches in diameter.

These are great for glass bottles or on the front of a mug. They are semi permanent so they can be removed when you need to wash your container.

Infuse your hydration with positivity and reach your fitness goals this summer!

LABEL OF LOVE – $14.95

Flamingo Drink Floaty – Lovebird Pair – $10

What summer is complete without a pool party of some sort!?  You will be making new friends in no time with the summer’s cutest pool party accessory.

Each Diosa will get, not one, but TWO Pink Flamingo Drink Floaties to enjoy on your own or with your bestie.

If you’re overdue on some quiet time in the bath, keep this friend with you to make sure your wine glass is always within reach.

So exctied to share some other skin loving products, as always our skin care is all natural, toxic-free and cruelty-free.

Order your Summer Saulė Diosa Box by June 30th to get free shipping. Subscribe today and get a free gift included in your first box!



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