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Diosa Box Honors the Queen of May this Mother’s Day

On the eve of May Day, the ancient celebration of Spring across the Northern hemisphere, today seemed like the perfect time to share this with you all.

All things seem possible in May. We are noticing the brighter mornings with melodies being sung from our visiting feathered friends and Mother Nature is bursting with flora.

The evenings are warmer with cool breezes and we still have over a month to breath in spring air while dreaming of summer days to come.

Everything feels healthier, warmer, and more colorful. We are literally growing into a state of abundance!
To celebrate this time of esteem and vivacity we look to the Welsh Goddess of Flowers and Love. Creiddylad (cree-THIL-ahd) is the eternal Queen of May, who is forever constant and always seeking peace and stability.
Photo Source: Spring/Summer 2014 Cameo The Label Lookbook

Creiddylad is a fruitful Celtic fairy promising love, a golden glowing sun-flowing and giving of life sort of love. And she, like the month of May, reminds us of the necessity of self-love and balance, and how endurance through tougher times rewards us with growth and abundance. In nature and in life.

To compliment your liveliness as you venture forth as a Mother Queen of May flowers we have selected a bouquet of floral inspired products, with 100% natural ingredients.

Some have the power of healing through live botanicals. Others linger with hypnotic aromas like jasmine, and rose, with its everlasting magical fountain of youth. Additionally, you can expect the therapeutic properties of lavender to help you calmly conclude your day.

What do you think about this theme this month?  We’d love to hear from you, so let us know what you think and who you’d like to see honored as our next mighty Diosa.

Did you know May’s full moon is also called the “Flower Full Moon” or as some Native American tribes call it, the “Mother Moon”? How beautifully magical  is that? 

Love and Light,
The Diosa Box Team

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