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Thrive in Times of Contrast with the Celestial Shadow Diosa Box

Full Solar Eclipse. Photo Source : American Astronomical Society

Hello Diosa!

The new moon is something we don’t get to see with the naked eye… unless there is a solar eclipse happening.

By now you’ve probably caught wind of “THE GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE!”… and if you haven’t, trust us, that’s what they are calling it. It even comes with it’s own website and corny merchandise for sale.

On the morning of August 21st, in an epic show, the new moon will cast its shadow over the sun, creating the first total solar eclipse seen across the United States since June of 1979.

Eclipse phases with”diamond ring” effect. Photo Source : American Astronomical Society

The new moon’s shadow will quite literally cut into our day, occluding the daylight and transforming it into a unique kind of darkness.

Check out this Vox video explaining “Why a total solar eclipse is such a big deal”.

The celestial party will actually start on August 7th.

Partial Lunar Eclipse. Photo Cred : JJ Harrison

That night, there is going to be a full moon for us to adore, but it will have a hidden agenda. Not to mention, it will also be co-founder, Nicole’s, birthday! Hooray, happy celestial alignment!

Well, sort of… The night’s full moon will experience a partial lunar eclipse with the Earth moving between the Sun and Moon. But these three celestial bodies won’t form a flawlessly straight line in space. A perfect sentiment for us Diosas since we are moving so much during the end of summer… and we may not be in alignment either.

So what do these eclipses mean for you?


Regulus in Leo the Lion. Photo Source: http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Regulus.html

It means there is going to be a lot of powerful, intense, masculine, and even contrasting energy in the air. This epic eclipse is happening quite literally over Regulus,  the brightest “royal” star in the constellation Leo the Lion, representing the Lion’s heart. With Leo being ruled by the sun and hosting a solar eclipse at home, you better believe there are going to be feelings of grand proportions, perhaps with a regal flare, and even authoritative power. This month remember to come from a place of self love and self discovery when building your personal kingdom.

Thrive in the contrast with the Celestial Shadow Diosa Box!

With everyone moving in so many directions, physically and emotionally, and perhaps planning for the last days of summer – we want to help you thrive in the contrast with the Celestial Shadow Diosa Box!

We’ll deliver products that’ll motivate you to boldly take on the last days of summer and bring you tranquility when you are out of alignment, reminding you that like the Earth’s shadow in an eclipse, dark times are only momentary. 

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To inspire us in this stirring and unique time, we introduce the Aztec deity Metztli, pronunciation “mets-li”.
Photo Source : Mythaelogy

Known as a goddess (and sometimes a god) of the moon, the night, and farmers. The Otomi people refer to her as the “Old Mother”, who represented both Moon and Earth simultaneously. Two very opposing bodies, but so wonderfully connected!

The legend of Metzli also tells us that the Moon and Sun were at one time equally as bright, but since these gods could not be seen as equals, one of them threw a rabbit in the face of the other, giving life to what is today’s darkened moon. It only shines as brilliantly during a full moon which is when the figure of the rabbit becomes readily visible on the face of the moon.

Aztec dancers celebrating the may deities on Dia de los Muertos.      Photo Credit: Salvador Ceja

The eclipses in August remind us of the brilliance of the sun as it shows itself to give warmth, provide food, and illuminate. We will honor the feminine energy of the moon as it tries to hold its place among the masculine energy during this time. We will also honor the umbra, the Earth’s shadow that leaves darkness in its path, even if just for a moment. It reminds us that an eclipsing shadow can realign itself from its shadow self to reveal the light once again.

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