Unleash Your Inner Shakti With the Sacred Sunshine Diosa Box

S A C R E D   S U N S H I N E  

S A C R E D   S U N S H I N E 

Sometimes everything  just lines up for us when assembling  these boxes, and boy did the stars align for us on this one! A lunar eclipse on the 10th and a solar eclipse this Sunday the 28th during a New Moon!? And all while in the magical house of mystical Pieces. What a perfect time to reveal our theme and let you in on the magical inspiration for the all the awesome goodies you’ll find inside the Sacred Sunshine Diosa Box!

We are approaching the Vernal Equinox, which will fall on March 20th. You’ll have your boxes by then, and hopefully will have started enjoying most of your items and beginning to form a new self care ritual. During this Equinox, the Earth experiences a fresh energy that takes us into a new season and showers us with nature’s beauty. By harnessing its power we can look to the future with hope.


For this reason, We chose the Hindu Goddess Shakti to be our Goddess for the Month of March. Shakti manifests energy and creation. She encourages balance and wisdom. She is the first, the mother, and the sacred light that generates life.

We’ve curated 7 full-size items (yep 7! but one item is a kit and it has two pieces)  to get you in touch with your inner Goddess Shakti, so you can create a space of pure positive energy, invigorate your body, and feel radiantly beautiful as you enter into Spring!  We hope this month’s curation inspires you to go outside, mingle, (ahem, flirt), create, be playful, and take in all the beautiful life that this sacred sunshine is creating.

With Shakti as your inspiration, you will be a giver of life and an agent of change.


S A C R E D   G E O M E T R Y

The symbol we used for this month’s theme is also important, because to me, it visually connects with Shakti, who is believed to be the mother or “womb of the Universe”.  This design is called the Vesica of Pisces. (The fact that we are in the house of pisces now is just a magical coincidence!) It’s comprised of two circles overlapping each other, aligning the edge of one circle to the center point of the other. In the overlap there are a few shapes that represent the start or the beginning of life, which is why this is also referred to as “the seed of life.”

Ancient religions and cultures, like the Egyptians and Greeks, have used this as the foundation of their art and design like the Christian fish symbol. Back in those days numbers and math was the driving force behind these societies and explained everything from music to written language, and was considered sacred. Pythagoras, most commonly known for the pythagorean theorem, was the father of geometry and said:

Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.

–  Pythagoras

From the honeycomb to the daisy, the scales on a fish and even trees, everything can be broken down with math and geometric patterns. …Well that got nerdy quick! I could do an entire post about this another time. Should I?!  Hopefully this may spark an interest in something new and fascinating.  And, if you want more, or just love Donald Duck as much as I do, I HIGHLY suggest watching this classic, where Donald Duck gets schooled on sacred geometry in “MATHMAGICLAND” – So good.


S O L A R   E C L I P S E  +  N E W M O O N  =  F E B   2 8 T H   2 0 1 7

NASA via The Washington Post – “Ring of Fire” Eclipse


S O L A R   E C L I P S E  +  N E W M O O N  =  F E B  2 8 T H ,  2 0 1 7

The solar eclipse that is taking place this sunday occurs during the rise of the new moon, a time that we honor and love all on its own. A new moon combined with the solar eclipse is just plain cool! So get those intentions ready for the new month ahead! 

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see the actual eclipse on this side of the world but thank goodness for internet and live feeds right? 

Watch a LIVE stream of the solar eclipse here: https://www.timeanddate.com/live/

Since the eclipse is only visible in the areas of South America and Africa, be sure to check the corresponding time in your local region.  

The moon will pass in front of the sun on February 26, leaving a small halo of light around it. The natural event will start in Chile and be seen across parts of southern South America in the morning. It will then be visible across the South Atlantic Ocean and will end in south-western Africa at sunset. 

Get your soul and your skin ready for Spring!

Sign up for the March Sacred Sunshine Box soon, we only have a few boxes left for new subscribers. Estimated retail value at $75 for only $49.99. Each product is all natural, safe and effective, free of parabens, mineral oils, or SLS.



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